My pregnancy story

I didn’t have the typical pregnancy everyone expects you to have. Morning sickness? Nope. Sore breasts? Nah. Mood swings? Most definitely.

I found out that I was pregnant on the 3rd of June 2017. It was just a normal day, I say normal but who seriously sits in a car park trying to convince their best friend that you’re not pregnant for 30 minutes.To prove her wrong I let her buy me a pregnancy test. We got back from the shop and I took the test … soon as I put the test down on the bath 2 lines appeared straight away. Without thinking I picked the test up, ran out the bathroom, chucked the test at Chelsea and ran outside to sit in her car and just screamed. Because you know screaming solves everything and cars are soundproof right?

I panicked so much I never expected to get a positive pregnancy test, especially within the first month into a new relationship. I had no idea how he was going to react, we were only just getting to know each other. After calming down I did the hardest part of telling everyone I needed to the news, which surprisingly went well. My mum knew what I was about to say within first few seconds of ringing her, actually looking back it’s like everyone knew I was pregnant before I did. Which is strange, the week before finding out I was pregnant I was in hospital, which did god knows how many pregnancy tests , blood tests and an ultrasound to rule out pregnancy I ended up needing an operation to remove a burst cyst and endometriosis on the appendix which didn’t show up on any of the tests either. (Well done Logan for staying inside 🙋🏼 )

The first trimester the dreaded trimester for every pregnant woman. For me, it wasn’t for typical symptoms like morning sickness I had none of that the entire pregnancy (thank god) it was the shock of being pregnant with a mixture of hormones. It took weeks for me to come to terms with I had some doubts it’d be a false pregnancy test and questioned myself if I was even ready to be a mum this young. It took a toll on the relationship too, most couples experience this magical moment with happiness but for me, it was complete opposite we just couldn’t get on which made the first few weeks extremely hard to deal with because so much change was going on. Week 13 arrived and I went in for my dating scan. Seeing Logan on screen for the first time made everything real, I stopped having doubts, my relationship finally improved and excitement kicked in for all of us.

Baby’s first scan

From the first scan I decided to not find out the gender, I think that’s what made my pregnancy go by so fast not knowing and keeping everyone guessing made it exciting. For the first few weeks, I’d try out all the old wives tales like nub theory, baking soda and Chinese gender chart to name a few, which none of them was true apart from nub theory.

The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy was probably the most eventful to say I had a textbook pregnancy. At 38 weeks I went into the hospital with a false start thinking my waters had gone, from then I got admitted again for reduced movements.

Come 40 weeks at our last midwives appointment I had a stretch and sweep which failed, during that examination I could have smacked Jonny in the face. ‘Does it feel nice?’ Is the last thing you want to be asked whilst the midwife has her hand up your fairy , so because the sweep was unable to be done due to not been dilated we made arrangements to be induced , the original plan was to go in on the 13th of Feb as we aimed to have Valentine’s baby if he decided to be lazy But that plan soon went out the window after having a scan to check baby’s growth. It turned out I had oligohydramnios, the fancy word for having low amniotic fluid. Logan was just chilling in the womb with only 1cm of fluid around him so we had to go straight to hospital to see what the plan was from there, they monitored baby which his movements were completely fine so they booked to have us induced the following day.

day of induction and last bump photo 😦

The day of induction came along we got up early to be at the hospital for 8 am. Got checked in and taken to my bed which at this point I felt special been the only one on the ward with my own private room with a TV. First few hours was boring as I had been hooked up to monitors before having the pessary inserted. Eventually, after getting through watching Jezza Kyle, Gordon’s kitchen nightmares and the opening of the Winter Olympics the midwife came in to start induction and I could finally get out of bed and go for a walk.

After a walk around the hospital, we had to move rooms, which I was gutted about I was losing my TV I wouldn’t be able to watch Emmerdale or Corrie. Got settled into my new room which was just a ward on my own and a radio as the only form of entertainment. Jonny made himself quite well known with the midwives at this point by singing and dancing about whilst trying to butter a cracker with everything other than a knife. One of the midwives refused to believe he was a chef because of it. After 30 minutes of dancing I wanted to try to take a nap but found it impossible to get comfy so to cheer me up and make me feel a bit more human Jonny did my make up which my midwife walked in at this point to do my stats. After months of watching sophdoesnails tutorials and Jonny acting like he wasn’t interested something must have sunk in because he was acting like some professional MUA with tips and advice, he was giving off to the midwife. Whilst doing my stats I started to have contractions that were coming on way too strong and fast to say I’ve only had the pessary in 3 hours at this point. She examined me and I had no hope that I would be dilated just yet but to my surprise, I was 3cm gone, she removed the pessary, wrapped me in a blanket and sent me straight to the labour room.

I got all hooked up in the labour room and yet again had to be examined for them to try to break my waters. WORST PAIN EVER.

To everyone waiting outside I probably sounded like I was dying, sorry. To make things worst I didn’t even have any waters to break. Great.

I’m usually quite good when it comes to pain but that kind of pain I never want to experience again and at the point, I didn’t want anyone else to go near my fairy. My mum turned up at this point as well looking horrified. Great timing Susan🙋🏼

Nothing much really happened for few hours apart from contractions getting stronger, me repeating I can’t do it every so often and needing gas and air which from then on most my labour experience becomes a blur. I remember being extremely tired and accepted to take pethidine at this point which sent me straight to sleep.

I had to have another dreaded examination, 9cm gone. Adrenalin finally kicked in and I needed to push. I remember seeing Jonny getting all serious thinking he’s one of the midwives putting an apron on and copying whatever they were doing. I’m surprised he even coped been at the end of the bed seeing everything going on without fainting. Another examination later I was finally fully dilated, ’baby will be here soon’ in what I replied ’I fucking hope so’ which surprised everyone cause I hadn’t sworn the whole time, still think I deserve a medal for that achievement with my potty mouth.

What felt like hours but actually 8 minutes of pushing baby was finally born!! weighing 6lb 8oz at 2:50 am.

The birth plan didn’t go to plan at all as I wanted a water birth but the one and only thing that went right was the midwives didn’t announce the gender.

’Wow, he’s got huge balls’ is all I heard, Classiest way to announce the gender of course.

Baby got placed on my chest straight away but instead of crying like most newborns do Logan decided to poo all over me instead… Cheers son. Getting the cord cut was rushed unfortunately due to him having it wrapped around his neck, I only got a quick first cuddle before he got taken away to be rubbed down and cleaned up whilst I got stitched up. He finally let out a big cry and got placed back on my chest after having a cuddle with his dad. He had his first feed which he crawled up for, pretty amazing how clever babies are that they can do that so early on.

We got left alone for an hour to have some bonding time, this is where bad decisions were made, we had to think of a name. After months and months on disagreeing on names for a boy we agreed on Logan few weeks before he was born, however, Jonny had this great idea that he didn’t ’suit’ the name Logan, he suited the name Caspar. He knew I wasn’t a fan of the name Caspar but been that tired and recovering from the drugs I just agreed to it and said his middle name can be Jack so we can call him CJ.

what on earth were we both thinking?

Sorry, Logan but you was CJ for first 12 hours of your life. It’s fair to say your dad has a bad taste in names.

We both had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours due to him being underweight for his gestation. Longest 48 hours of my life, but I’m glad I took advantage of the help and advice whilst I had it. Even if the midwives drove me mad by getting me to feed every 3 hours.

A month into been a mum and it feels like a huge gap that I didn’t even know existed has been filled. I had a pretty positive pregnancy and birth I’d 100% do it all again.

Logan @ 5 weeks old

Sadie x

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