Logans 1 month update

When people say ‘They don’t stay that size for long‘ they’re not lying. I now have a 5 week old baby, how time flies eh!

So I thought I’d start doing monthly updates on Logan’s progress just like I did with my weekly bump updates on Instagram.

Birth stats:

Born 10th February

Weight 6lb 8

36cm head circumference.


Logan has changed so so much since he was born, it is amazing how much they grow in such a short amount of time. He was a tiny baby at birth way below what he should have been at his gestation (41 weeks). He’s now weighing 9lb 8! No surprise there as he spends most of his day stuck to my boob. His cheeks are chubbing out and he’s above average for his height @ 52cm! (Definitely doesn’t get his height from me) He’s grown out of his Moses basket and starting to fill and grow out some of his newborn clothes.

one day old – 5 weeks


Right now Logan looks as if he’s a old man in a baby’s body as he’s started to lose his hair 😦 Now there has been a debate over the colour of Logan’s hair. Some think it’s blonde and others think it’s brown. Before he started to lose his hair I thought he was dark blonde but now it’s beginning to grow back on the parts his bold he’s looking white/blonde.


Logan is breastfed and these past 5 weeks have been a learning curve for the both of us. First week was hard to get used to getting a perfect latch but since around week 3 he’s been latching like a champ.

At first during our time in hospital he needed to be fed every 3 hours *ballache* but since coming home we feed on demand which ranges from every 30 minutes – 3 hours during the day time and he can go 5-6 hours without milk at night.


Since the start Logan has been a great sleeper, he could’ve slept all day easily in hospital if I didn’t wake him up for a feed. Since coming home he was unpredictable to begin with as he’d wake up at different times for a feed but now he’s got into pattern which has made it super easy to get him into bit of a routine.

His routine currently is 3-4 naps during the daytime, bedtime between 10:30pm and 11 and he’ll sleep through until 6 am or occasionally at 4 am for a quick feed before going back to sleep then he’ll wake up at 10 am.


Obviously at 5 weeks old not a huge amount happens but in months to come this section will be pretty lengthy I imagine.


•Right now he’s a typical newborn he LOVES his milk and sleep, although his naps are starting to calm down a lot as he’s more alert in the day time now.

•He’s beginning to like being naked unlike the first weeks he’d hate having his clothes and nappy changed.

•He loves his play mat, rattles and tummy time. At first when we tried tummy time he decided to go straight to sleep instead but now he loves it!

•This week we discovered he enjoys looking at lights, so someone kindly bought him a night light which he just lays and smiles at until he falls asleep.

•Daddy’s singing … I guess someone has to appreciate it.

•He’s still not a massive fan of bath time unfortunately but we’re working on it.

•He can be a bit fussy with his Moses basket, probably because he’s grown out of it.


It’s hard to say with him being so young at the moment but his personality is developing each day. So far I can say he’s very cheeky. If he does something naughty he does the cheekiest grin. He’s sassy(obvs takes after me) if we do something stupid or say something he doesn’t like the sound of he will pull a brilliant resting bitch face, move his head side to side and put his hands up. In the past week I’ve noticed that all eyes needs to be on him, he loves this attention and will happily be held and have a cuddle with anyone.

Random things and milestones:

This past month he’s learning and doing something new each coming day.

•From week 2 Logan has been able to lift his own head and is getting more alert each day. He loves being nosey.

•As mentioned above he’s already in a routine.

•He has been doing loads of sociable smiles!

•He’s starting to become really chatty.

•He rolled over! He’s only done this on one day and hasn’t been able to since. But he did it and was rather impressed with himself.

The little things we love that make us laugh each and every time.

•He’s a snorer and he’s pretty loud, thing is when he does it he sounds like an animal, most of the time he sounds like a cat. (Still think he’s dumbo reincarnated)

•I hate hearing him cry, he rarely does but when he cries it sounds like he’s saying ’oh god’

•His farts are impressive! And if you bend his legs back guaranteed he’ll let one out. *see video below*

•He’s a really loud eater but it’s really cute to listen too.

•After a huge feed, he’s usually milk drunk which I love, he’ll make the funniest and cutest of faces before rolling his eyes back and going to sleep.

•He takes after me as stroking his feet makes him fall to sleep.

That is it for this monthly update, I love to keep track on his development and I’m so excited to see him grow. Even though deep down I’d love him to stay small forever!

Sadie x

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