So I guess this is a good time to introduce myself to my readers. So here we go!

1. My full name is Sadie-Tamara Farren … yeah, my name is double barrelled my mam chose to be that awkward parent. Cheers Susan ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ

2. I’m 20 years old, a July baby making me a Leo ๐Ÿฆ

3. If you haven’t gathered I like astrology, yep I believe in star signs and can work out which one you are just by your personality ๐Ÿ˜Œ

4. On the subject of astrology, I read tarot.

5. I’ve been lucky to travel to 15 different countries, travelling the Caribbean being up at the top for my favourite holiday so far ๐Ÿ˜Œ

6. I don’t have a religion, I just think it causes far too many problems in the world and I believe in some of the beliefs of each religion so it’d be hard to be apart of just one.

7. I’ve worked abroad twice, well properly once, both experiences went pretty badly but that’s a story for another time.

8. I didn’t understand how to tell the time on a clock until I was 14.

9. Maths is my worst subject … I hate anything to do with numbers unless it’s seeing positive figures on my bank balance.

10. I’m ambidextrous

11. I’m pretty fussy about clothes, online shopping is a big no for me I’d rather spend hours in a shop trying stuff on.

12. Reese cups and cinnamon swirls are the way to my heart.

13. I’m terrified of heights, I never used to be until I climbed a mountain.

14. If I could only have one meal I could eat for the rest of my life it’d be chicken burger and chips.

15. I like lists.

16. I’m not a seasonal person at all. Easter, Halloween, Christmas? Not a fan.

17. Winter is my least favourite season, I don’t do cold or dark nights. I do think snow is pretty though.

18. It’s taken me until I’m 20 to learn how to swim and have some confidence in the water. Pretty embarrassing to say I live by the sea.

19. Love reading and watching conspiracy theories, Shane Dawson is my fave.

20. My favourite takeout is Indian.

21. Slightly obsessed with candles I cannot walk past them in shops without smelling each one.

22. I’m kinda the same with cleaning products too …

23. I prefer silver over gold.

24. I can never fully finish a hot drink. I can’t stand the bits at the bottom.

25. I prefer to watch vlogs and tutorials on YouTube rather than sitting watching soaps on TV.

26. My original career aim was to go into the Army, I applied when I was 17 and failed for been unfit … the second time I failed medically for having high pressure in my eyes.

27. I’ve had 2 operations one whilst pregnant.

28. Favourite singer is JP Cooper.

29. I’ve been to 7 concerts.

30. I’ve never broken a bone. *touch wood*

31. I’m ridiculously superstitious, probably because I walked under a ladder and cracked my head open two minutes after.

32. I’m a terrible speller

33. I’m an ambivert

34. I’m dyslexic and have dyscalculia.

35. I sleep so much easier with music or the tv on.

36. I had to include an extra fact to be awkward… I hate odd numbers, I can’t even have the volume on an odd number.

So there we have it 36 random facts about me I hope that gives you a bit more of an insight into my life. I personally love reading things like this (probably because I’m a nosey cow, but let’s face it we all are) so I’d love to hear facts about yourselves too. Until then I’ll see you in my next post.

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