McDonald’s saved my relationship

Unplanned pregnancy is scary. But finding out a month into your relationship is terrifying.

My relationship didn’t start how most usually do. I came out of a long dying relationship straight into a new one then thought it’d be a great idea to move in with him three days after knowing each other.

About 2-3 weeks into the relationship we were joking around about going on holiday after a really bad day and incident at work (we worked together which is how we met) We had just been paid so our spontaneous nature got the better of us and we booked to go to Magaluf.

Now the whole holiday was eventful but that can be a story for another time. After coming back from Maga I was taken into hospital and if you’ve read my pregnancy story you’ll know I found out I was pregnant not long after.

Now at this point we had only been together a month so the honey moon period was well up. I’d be lying if I said I was happy about being pregnant at first because I wasn’t for the first few weeks and I dreaded telling Jonny the news. I fully prepared myself for him to just end it and have no interest. I was completely wrong he took it rather well even though he didn’t believe me at first and I had to do another two pregnancy tests.

It didn’t happen at a great time as we had to find new jobs after Magaluf and we were spending a lot time with each other as it was his turn to move in with me for a bit.

You don’t know someone until you live with them they say… Absolutely right.

Our relationship began to go downhill after finding out I was pregnant and for the first 2 weeks I became so uninterested in everything and everything Jonny did irritated me (nothing has changed 11 months on he still irritates me just as much)

He’d drink after work every night something I was usually okay with cause its something we’d both do together but it got right on my tits, the smell really got to me and at the time it annoyed me because I couldn’t drink.

He became really needy which I couldn’t stand, I hated it that much I began to hate the sight of him. I really didn’t like any affection what so ever and I hated the sound of his voice… Did I mention I hated him? Hate seems to be my favorite word.

He started to drink more after work with one night ending in a phone call acting as if he were dying because the silly bugger fell and smashed his head on a drain. I saw blood on him and instantly started to panic, when I got him home to clean him up it was the smallest graze ever. I find this hilarious now I look back at it but at the time he was the biggest arsehole ever.

Nothing seemed to change between us we’d just argue every day mainly because I was being a hormonal cow and Jonny had zero clue on how to deal with it, to be fair I couldn’t even deal with myself. Instead of doing ’the mature thing’ we both seemed to turn to our exes.

Our relationship quickly became toxic and I decided to end it which was the best thing.

Most nights whilst we were split up I’d love to get a kick out of Jonny by using some app called ‘Sarahah’ which people would put anonymous messages to me and I’d post them on my snapchat story Because I were getting attention off other guys it drove him mad. Hormones, they make you crazy.

I also went up to where he worked for an ice cream date with Chelsea, which made him feel awkward. I honestly think Jonny deserves a medal for dealing with me.

If you look closely you’ll see an angry Jonny in his natural habitat.

I’d do all these stupid things that would get to him but no matter what I did he would do everything and nag to get back with me, involving posting blackjacks through my letterbox late at night with a little note. Who said romance was dead

After having my scan and the day before my birthday we met up to sort things out. Tea solves everything? Nah McDonald’s does. 11 months on we’re still together and I wouldn’t change a thing , well maybe one or two things…

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