How to annoy a pregnant woman

I don’t know what it is but having a bump doesn’t half encourage some people to say insensitive and annoying comments. Like pregnancy isn’t stressful enough at times here are some things that shouldn’t be mentioned to a pregnant woman.

1.”Are you still with the father?

2.”Are you having twins?”

Hilarious, how original. Not like some women are self-conscious enough with their changing body. Least they have an excuse unlike you, Brenda.

3.”Have you decided on a name yet?”

Completely harmless question but an extremely irritating one, especially when you’re struggling to agree on names as it is, unwanted opinions aren’t helpful in this situation.

4.”Make the most of it, once the baby is here you’ll have no life”


5. ”You shouldn’t be eating or drinking that !

Cheers for pointing that out but you don’t own me. I can make my own choices and I can eat what I like. *hair flick*

7. ”I had to have this amount of stitches...”

Giving birth is different for everybody, no need for the scare stories.

8.”You won’t make it to your due date, With the size of that bump

Thanks for that psychic sally.

9.”You’re definitely having a girl/boy

I guess people turn psychic when you’re pregnant.

10.”Calm down.”

This is risky enough to say to a none pregnant woman. It won’t work.

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