Is ‘Full-time yummy mummy’ a job?

Full time yummy mummy is probably the most cringe saying and to be seen on somebody’s Facebook workplace that makes you want to vom.

So is it a job? Absolutely not!

Being a parent can be hard work yes, whether you work or are a stay at home mum it isn’t a job, it’s a commitment you made when you decided to have children, you don’t get paid for it either.

I mean could you imagine writing a CV and putting it down as a job? Hoping that your kids will give you a good referance. ‘Mummy is a stong 10/10 at cleaning my arse

As for the ’yummy’ part what seriously makes you yummy?

Having cheap hair extensions and your nails done wearing fake high end make up with a bottle of echo falls in the bottom of the pram whilst you buy your child a cheap toy from poundland making you ’mum of the year’

So the point I’m making is that ‘full time yummy mummy’ is NOT a thing and needs to stop being used because what once was a ’nice term’ to call a mum its now been destroyed by unemployed chavs who aren’t exactly ’yummy’ but scummy.

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