Battle of the nappies

I honestly never expected to write a review on nappies , I thought they was all the same but I’ve discovered they are not!

I’ve tried a few brands so far expecting the big named one to be the best but it doesn’t seem that way. so here’s my opinions on the ones I’ve tried so far.


Fit: I personally found them a bit big

Wetness indicator: Yes

Cost: Most expensive £4.50

For a big branded name I’m not a fan.They do the job but personally I found them a bit big for Logan and they made him quite red round his bum and thighs. For the price I don’t think they’re worth it when cheaper brands are better or the same quality.

Asda Little angels


Wetness indicator: Yes but doesn’t always work.

Cost: Cheap! – £0.95

They’re are a bit flimsy and thin but for the price they’re not bad quality. They fit well , don’t cause a rash and are great for huge wee’s however when it comes to heavy poo’s the hold isn’t to great and it goes straight through. The wetness indicators don’t always work either. Kind of expected for a cheap brand though.

TescoLoves baby

Fit: Good

Wetness indicator: Yes

Cost: £1.15

These nappies feel like they should be expensive as they’re quite thick they’re also a comfortable fit however for the thickness the hold isn’t too great. We’ve had a many leakages with these nappies.

Aldi’s Mamia

Fit: Great fit

Wetness indicator: yes

Cost: cheap £0.95

Out of all the brands I’ve tried so far these ones are definitely the best and they’re so cheap! They are really absorbent even after big explosions, they seem to fit comfortably. They’re also resealable which I find useful for bath times. Also the little design on the front above the wetness indicator is cute.

So all in all in my personal experience I’ve found that you don’t need to splash out loads on expensive nappies when cheaper ones are just as good. But it’s about finding what works best for your baby. Whilst cheap brands work better for me, expensive brands may work better for you!

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