Reality of a newborn

When you’re pregnant, people will try and tell you how you’ll have so many sleepless nights and to make the most of the peace and quiet because all babies do is cry.

Wrong, so so wrong. I hate to say it but the newborn phase is extremely easy that easy it’s boring. Well, for me it’s been easy, obviously, all babies are different so maybe I’ve been lucky. They can’t do much and the most entertaining thing they do is pull faces when they poo. It’s not until after 6 weeks things become more fun!

So this is what I’ve learnt about newborns:

1) Babies sleep a lot more then I expected. Logan would sleep 20 hours quite easily, not all at once obviously.

2) If he’s not sleeping, he’s constantly eating. The first 6 weeks are exhausting with how much your baby can eat. Babies need feeding at least 8 times a day! Doesn’t sound a lot but that’s a feed pretty much every four hours and if you have a hungry baby like Logan, make that every 30 minutes.

3)Poonamis are a thing! No matter how you put the nappy on leakages happen from time to time. But poonamis early on wasn’t expected, how can a small person produce so much poo?!

4) Babies love to suck, it took a while to realise Logan wasn’t always hungry when he wanted boob a lot of the time it was for comfort to help him get to sleep. Also realised he sucks in his sleep which I find adorable!

5) Even though the newborn stage is boring you are so proud to have your baby, every new little thing they do never fail to amaze you making you take millions of photos and videos to show off to everyone on every form of social media even though when you were pregnant you said you wouldn’t be ’that parent’. You 100% will be and you’ll be proud to brag about how they discovered their hands to shitty nappies. Honestly.


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