Breastfeeding Journey so far

I’m currently 2 months into breastfeeding and to be honest I didn’t expect to last this long I thought I’d give up after a few days!

I choose to breastfeed for a number of reasons not just because ‘breast is best’ but because of the health benefits and it’s free!

However I really wish I did more research because it wasn’t like I expected at all, people say breastfeeding is easy it’s honestly not it’s a huge learning curve that’s pretty challenging. They have been plenty of days I’ve wanted to quit , I have turned to formula a few times (nothing’s wrong with formula, if anything it’s a life saver!) I choose to combi feed for a while which isn’t recommended before 6 weeks but I did it anyway and it worked for us until very recently, Logan no longer likes the taste of formula and can be pretty fussy with bottles so it’s back to exclusively breastfeeding.

I’m pretty confident with breastfeeding now, we’ve both got the knack of it finally!

So here is what I’ve learnt so far ;

1. It hurts – for the first week or so it hurts you’re learning about the getting the correct latch and just getting your nipples used to the sensation because it is weird at first but you do get used to it.

2.It’s emotional – It is extremely emotional you’ll cry, you’ll get stressed, you’ll be happy it’s weird how many emotions you go through just to feed a baby. I cried and stressed a lot in the first week because I felt like I was failing every time Logan struggled to latch. Now, this is where support is so important, I wanted to fall at the first hurdle but Jonny wouldn’t let me, he’d happily help place him in different positions and do a few google searches to help.

3. Pumping is hard – Pumping was and still is a life saver sometimes when I need a break to get things done or to get Jonny to bond with Logan. However, if I actually needed to pump milk to go somewhere it’s stressful especially when Logan feeds a lot it’s hard to even pump an ounce sometimes which can be extremely discouraging.

4. Breastfeeding in public – I was extremely happy to get the boob out whilst in hospital and at home in front of people but when it came to breastfeeding out in public for the first time I dreaded it. You see all these debates on social media and these videos of breastfeeding mothers getting snide comments or abuse, I thought the same would happen to me. However, each time I’ve fed in public no one cares, I’ve had quite a few supportive comments instead, which is lovely and I honestly wished that everyone experienced this.

5.It’stime-consuming- They say formula takes up a lot of time but so can breastfeeding but in a different way. Yeah fair enough you don’t have to make bottles but your baby can feed every 30 minutes for about 40 minutes on each boob! Which can be draining especially if you’re out and about and have no pillow to rest on expect a dead arm for a while.

6. Engorged boobs – personally think this is this worst thing about breastfeeding, If you’ve missed a feed and can’t pump or hand express anywhere it’s a nightmare to deal with because it hurts… A lot.

7. You have to dress for it – something I’ve recently learnt is you have to dress ‘breastfeeding friendly’. Forget looking nice because you’ll spend most your time in vest tops and anything with buttons is a huge no-no.

8.Leakages – They usually happen at the best of times, I’ve leaked through breast pads and had to walk around with a soaked vest top on whilst out and about. Also, I leak so much at night I nearly drown in my own milk in the morning, not fun.

9. Latching – It took a while to understand what the correct latch was. I made the mistake of Logan just nipple sucking a few times, I didn’t know you had to get most of your boob in his mouth for it to be correct. It made a huge difference once I knew what to do, nipple sucking hurts the right latch does not.

10. Different positions- I was surprised at how many positions there are to breastfeeding, in fact as long as they’re latched on properly they could feed upside down if you wanted but I couldn’t imagine that being comfortable. I use two positions, during the day I’ll cradle him and at night and first feed of the morning I’ll lay down next to him.

Even though some stuff I’ve learnt so far come across as negative I’d recommend anyone to breastfeed it is hard but it’s so worth the hassle. It’s extremely rewarding knowing that your baby is gaining weight and thriving knowing your boobs did that and honestly nothing beats the bonding and milk drunk smiles.


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