Goals for 2018

I always set goals for myself each year usually the good old ’Il get fitter’ every January and come March I’ve given up and become lazy again. This year I’ve set myself what I think is realistically achievable and what Il hopefully stick too.

So here is my 10 goals below;

1. Get a tattoo

I’ve wanted a tattoo since forever! Just the one, I’d love a lion on my thigh and I think this is the perfect year to do it.

2. Work on confidence

For a while I’ve not fully been myself, my confidence is pretty low.This year I’m going to try work on that and try not to care what people may think. I want to say yes to more things and push myself out of my comfort zone.

3. Find me

Sticking with the similar subject this year I want to try to get my life together. Since 2013 I’ve experienced so many knock backs which is probably what caused my confidence issues. I have no idea what I want to do as a career no more and I’m still working out what my interests are. I’m taking every day as it comes, I guess its fair to say I’m winging it.

4. Go back to college

I wasn’t a fan of education at all even though I did rather well at college I picked the wrong subjects to study as I can’t do anything with them. I think back then I wasn’t mature or motivated enough to do something useful, it was pretty rare that I even turned up to school/college so I have no clue how I passed anything. Anyway, because I’m turning 21 this year I think I actually get my head down and do well in whatever subject I end up choosing to do.

5. Learn to drive

I’m 21 this year, have a baby and live in a rural area where buses run every hour. It’s a nightmare. Driving it needs to be done.

6. Be more social

I’ve drifted from quite a lot of people and its probably because I say no to a lot of things and end up staying in all the time, which is boring. However my social life is slowly improving kind of, so I guess that’s a good start.

7. Be more active

I’ve become extremely lazy over the past year and have no motivation to even go for a walk never mind a run. I used to run every day so I’d love to try getting into that again or try something new which I can do at home whilst Logan naps.

8. Go on holiday

Probably more of a need rather then a goal but ya girl needs a holiday.

9. Learn a new skill

I don’t know what but I’d love to learn something new, whilst I was pregnant I learnt how to knit and crochet which I’m pretty proud of.

10. Grow my blog

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but kept shoving it off for many reasons which I included in my about me post. Now that I’ve started I’d love to carry on and increase my traffic. It’s been really nice to see my followers slowly go up and receive lovely comments when I never expected to get any response.

If you want to help me achieve this goal be kind and give us a share 😉

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