Cuddles, Dancing & discovering hands.

This week three very important people came to visit, it’s pretty rare I get to see them with one working all the time and the other two living over 60 miles away and luck would have it they were all in the area at the same time!

27th March 2018
For Logan, this was his second time meeting his unofficial auntie, Dandan. She’s not seen him since he was only a few hours old so its fair to say he’s changed a lot. We met up with her after she finished work and did the usual thing we seem to do every time we meet up is have a McDonalds date. We had a nice catch-up and Logan got lots of attention, as usual, This lovely man just fell in love with him and couldn’t stop coming over to have a look and chat with him. He also discovered he had hands, the amazement on his little face was hilarious.


When leaving we made a scene cause nothing ever seems to go smoothly when we meet up. We, well mainly me struggled to get the car seat off the pram ready to go in the taxi,  I instantly blamed my mum because she put it on and touched it last, Sorry Susan. Anyhow finally got the car seat off after 10 minutes of trying and making myself look an idiot, with Logan giving me the look of ‘The F you doing mum’ the whole time. New mum problems ey!

In the taxi on the way to meet Izzy, who I say’s my cousin but actually isn’t my cousin I swear everyone has a friend like that or is it just me? Anyhow this was Izzy’s first time meeting Logan. Now I’ve said plenty of times ‘Oh Logan never cries’ I jinxed it didn’t I because soon as we met up with Izzy he kicked off.

It’s fair to say I had my first ‘The fuck do I do moment’. I tried changing him, feeding him burping him, taking him outside in case he was too warm whilst flashing my boobs on the patio of the caravan because idiot me forgot to pull my top up after feeding him didn’t I. Then out of nowhere Logan just let out this huge burp, it was proper manly. Didn’t think it was possible for a small human to make that kind of sound. After doing a huge burp and feed he finally went to Izzy who got lots of cuddles with him whilst we had a catch-up and a drink before heading down to see the entertainment.


Gets down to the bar to watch entertainment and Logan just wasn’t interested at all, you’d think with all the loud music he’d be awake but this kid can sleep through anything. I eventually got him to wake up for the ‘disco‘ which he seemed interested in for 2 minutes. Auntie Dandan was giving him dance lessons but poor lad just wanted cuddles and his bed.

So we said goodnight to Izzy and headed off home, Danni was staying the night so we treated ourselves to a takeaway.

28th March 2018

The day that everything went wrong.

The bus journey from hell, we ended up getting dirty looks from people because the pram was in the way and no spare seats downstairs. Believe it or not, these people were quite able to walk. After an unpleasant bus journey, we ended up in McDonald’s again. I don’t spend all my free time in McDonald’s honestly. Now, I can’t stand McDonald’s breakfasts so I waited until the change over to get my usual chicken mayo cause I’m boring like that. Now that didn’t quite go to plan, Jonny ended up not liking what he ordered so I offered to swap which made it my first time eating a Big Tasty. I don’t even like beef burgers but oh my god I’m officially converted.


Even though it wasn’t a great day I captured a cute moment with these two.


The day goes on and we met up with Stacey who was off from uni, she’d not seen Logan since he was 5 days old! Every time we meet up with Stacey we seem to end up in Spoons. In fact, anyone I met up with it usually ends up in getting food of some sort. Anyway, the original plan was to go see Izzy again in the day but I had this clever idea that I’d dye Stacey’s hair like she wanted it. Now I’m no hairdresser (clearly) but I’m usually pretty good at dying and cutting hair. Until today. I don’t know if it were me or just Stacey’s hair been bloody awkward but it ended up being a disaster. The bleach only took to her roots and the purple dye just didn’t take well at all.

BeFunky Collage.jpg





29th March 2018
After a shocking day, this day was more chilled out. Logan woke up later than usual and had lots of morning cuddles with nana whilst I cleaned up. It actually felt like spring for once after all the bad weather we had so we thought we’d make the most of it and go for a walk. This was my mums first time taking Logan out, even though we didn’t end up going far it was lovely and Logan enjoyed it. Well, I say he did but he always falls asleep before getting out the door.

Later on, we met up with Izzy again for some last minute cuddles as she won’t see him until he’s about 6 months old. No meltdown happened this time, he was chilled out and full of smiles.


The moment Logan fell in love with ‘Mr Fluff’




Was so nice to get out and have a catch-up and I’m hoping it’s not too long until the next time.

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