The Type of mums you find on Facebook Groups

What would a Facebook group be without these types of mums eh?

1. The over-sharer mum.

Every group has an over-sharer like most groups are closed or set to secret but do people seriously want to know that you’ve just had sex before 6-weeks and now you’re bleeding with a picture uploaded to go with your TMI story? No thanks.

2. The Sly Bragger.

“Is it normal for my 2-week old to talk?” No, not really Linda but go ahead and proceed to brag about it anyway.

3. The Judgemental Mum.

Probably the worst kind of mum because they have an opinion on EVERYTHING. She has the incapability to scroll past anything without commenting something extremely unhelpful and negative, usually where opinions aren’t wanted.

“Wow, I can’t believe you fed your kid a Happy Meal do you know how unhealthy that is? Have you checked the sugar content? It’s ridiculous I’m surprised they haven’t been banned yet and as for that toy it’s not educational is it?!”

4. The Juice Plus Mum.

This mum is desperate for the extra cash so she’s joined an MLM scheme, so now she sells something that seems to have a solution to every problem.

Nappy rash? Teething? Stitches are hurting? Don’t worry Juice plus will fix it.

5. The Angry Mum.

You only ever see this mum post whenever she’s angry. Nothing is ever positive she usually complains about the same shit every time on how her boyfriend has upset her or cheated and people will comment stuff like he needs to get in the bin, leave him but she’ll just ignore your advice and post again within a few days.

6. The Nosey Bitch.

Nothing’s wrong with these mums they usually just sit and have a nosey at all the dramas going on in the group and give an odd like here and there. She never shares anything about herself but she’ll know everything going on in the group.

7. The online friend you wish you knew IRL.

You see this mum comment on so many posts and is active in multiple groups. You seem to get on with them so well, they parent the same, they have the same interests, You message each other more than your real life friends.

8. The Victim.

The mum who ALWAYS has something bad going on in her life, you’d think she was cursed. Every single thing that could possibly go wrong seems to happen in her life. The group is basically her therapist, which is a complete waste of time because nobody’s advice ever seems to help her.

9. The Know It All.

Who needs a doctor and midwife when you got super Susan from Facebook to diagnose all of your problems.

If you ask a question about your child’s health you can guarantee she’ll be one of the first to comment no matter what time it is. Having issues feeding your child? Baby won’t stop crying? Don’t worry she’ll know what to do.

10. The Mum Who Buys EVERYTHING.

Baby event on? New product out?

This type of mum will have it and will be straight on the group bragging how good it is

11. The Insta Mum.

This type of mum will religiously post multiple photos of her child everyday. (Okay I’m guilty of this one )

12. The Debater Mum.

This mum loves a good controversial topic, she loves them that much she has to make the bottle vs breast argument’ at least twice a week.

13. The Thunder Stealer.

This mum makes everything a competition.

’…. Has just learnt how to walk at 11 months old😍 so proud’

’oh my daughter learnt how to walk at 5 months’

14.The ’Perfect Parent’ Squad.

Like the judgemental mum but a whole group of them ready to attack any post at any moment. These mums think they do everything like you should by the guidelines, they’ve never ever made a mistake.

*someone posts picture with child wearing a dummy*

”OMG how could you do this? Do you know how damaging this is for your child? You’re basically asking them to have braces when they’re older & you know how many germs they carry, EW shame on you.”

15.The ’I believe everything I read on the internet’ Mum.

This mum will post articles on how a product is no longer safe or how a celebrity has just died but actually turns out it was just fake news.

16.The Mother of the Group.

This type of mum doesn’t judge and usually stops the group from having a shit storm. She can even control the over judgemental mothers by knowing to say the right thing without offending anyone

So which mum are you?

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