Logan’s 2 Month Update

So Logan’s two months old now, It only feels like a week ago I gave birth to him. I honestly thought that being indoors for most of the time and constantly having a small human on the boob would make time drag but clearly not. Babies really don’t stay little for long!


I know its only been 3 weeks since the last update but to be honest, quite a lot has happened in this short amount of time.

Size: He’s now at that awkward stage where he’s getting too big for his newborn size clothes but 0-3 look far too big on him.

Routine: His routine hasn’t changed much since my last update. I have to say that Logan definitely takes after his daddy with his love for sleeping! We got no issues with his sleep what so ever even though his routine has slightly changed from the last update but not in a bad way. He now hardly naps during the daytime which I do find exhausting sometimes but if he’s not sleeping he’s feeding so can’t win either way. His bedtime is now 9 pm without fail and he’ll sleep through until 6 am unless he gets woken up by his dad when he gets in from work which is usually after 1:30 am. When he wakes up at 6 am he’ll have a nappy change and a long feed and its back to sleep until 8 or 9 depending on how tired he is.  Also, he’s outgrown his Moses basket and is in his cot! He loves it.
Feeding: He is breastfeeding like a champ! He’s got a pretty big appetite another trait he gets from his dad! Some days can be more intense than others where he’ll feed for over 30 minutes on each boob but I’m not complaining because I think this helps him sleep through the night and he’s thriving! Happy healthy baby, happy parents!
I think Logan is a comedian in the making for sure, every little thing he does is just so funny because his personality is just so cheeky. He’s definitely going to be hard work and up to lots of mischief when he’s older! I’ve also noticed he’s quite determined, every time we do tummy time no matter how many time he faceplants he’ll get up and try again instead of crying.
  • He loves George Ezra especially his new song ‘Hold my girl
  • He now LOVES bathtime, yey!
  • He loves his teething rattle, especially now he’s worked out how to hold it himself.
  • He loves his cot
  • Beginning to like baby massage
  • His vision has improved as he reacts when someone enters the room or if we wave at him from a distance. He tends to get quite confused if someone leaves the room or just goes out of sight though bless him.
  • He’s now discovered he has hands! It was hilarious to see his face when he realized he has them and now he’s learned how to use them he loves to grab on to everything including my face and hair. I guess this is where the abuse begins…
  • He’s rolling over more, I say this like its a good thing but the little monkey likes to do it when I’m giving him a massage or trying to change his outfit. It won’t be long till he’s rolling away so I cant change his nappy.
  • He is able to hold his head so much better in these past few weeks, He’s also doing mini press ups and flinging himself forward which usually ends up with him face planting his play mat.
  • Apparently, this is a milestone so I’ll add it in … He’s beginning to teeth! Since 5 weeks old he’s been starting to dribble a lot and chew on to things especially his hands. I thought this was a development phase, I mean it still could be it probably is but he has got the teething rash on his cheeks and his gums are bumpy and red. He’s become a bit needier too but that’s just more reason to get extra cuddles with him.

The little things that make us laugh 

  • Poonamis! For such a tiny baby he poo’s so much! In fact he poo’s so hard after a long feed it goes straight through his clothes.
    One morning I fed him and he let out two big farts, well sharts should I say. We soon realized when we went to pick him up that he’d leaked through, not just his baby grows and sleepsuit but all over the towel and bedsheets too. Luckily it wasn’t my turn to change his nappy, unlucky Jonny!
  • Every time he does something a bit cheeky like wee all over me when its bath time or doing a poo soon as you’ve put a clean nappy on him he’ll coo and do a big cheeky smile. This kid knows exactly what he’s doing.
  • When he’s learned something new he likes to show off especially if he’s got people around him. Another trait he gets from his dad!

And that is it for his 2-month update! He’s getting his first lot of injections next week which I’m slightly dreading but he’ll probably take it like a trooper *fingers crossed*.



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