2 Months Postpartum Update

So I didn’t do a postpartum update after a month but I thought I’d start the updates now as I’m actually seeing a change in myself. so here’s what my belly looks like at 2 months postpartum! I’m not completely skinny but to be fair I was a little bit chubby pre-pregnancy anyhow, I’ve now lost all the baby weight (Finally!) which I’m surprised at because I really haven’t done much. I suspect it’s down to breastfeeding working its magic.

I haven’t started working out just yet as I wanted to be sensible and get the all clear from the doctor but in all fairness, it’s finding time to do some form of exercise other than walking because Logan’s daytime routine is currently all over the place and there’s just not enough hours in the day, but I’m not complaining all that stuff will come in time.

Hopefully, next months update will be different 🙂

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