Its been a year

9th April 2017:

I first met Jonny on the 9th April 2017. We both were working at a small caravan park at the time, he was working as a chef and I worked behind the bar. I remember it was my first weekend working there and been given the best job ever to do on a Sunday… washing up. I was feeling sorry for myself all morning because I was soaked and stinking of leftover carvery when the shift began to calm down a bit I remember seeing him walk into the kitchen thinking he must be the head chef, which he wasn’t he liked to act like he were though. Anyway thinking nothing of it I was back working on the bar and went to go put the menus out, at this point I never notice but looking back it was so obvious that Jonny was constantly looking at me. Me being a clumsy bitch decided to drop all the menus, Jonny was straight over to help pick them up and put them out with me, he still didn’t have the balls to actually talk to me though.

Later on, it was pretty dead and Jonny was stood at the bar watching football after scaring me half to deaf by coming up behind me and squeezing my sides. I’m a shy girl so I had a million thoughts going through my head on if I should say anything to him. His uniform had bothered me for a good hour so I asked about college. Didn’t realize I were going to get a full life story out of him but I did. 

As the day went on he just kept making me laugh and it’d been the first time in a very long while someone made me happy. I finished my shift and had a few pints because something in me just told me to stick around and wait for him to finish work. He finished work and we had a drink together before he was due to set off home, which I got offered a lift but spontaneity got the better of me and I went home with him instead.

Going to his ended up on a tour around where he lived along with his life story. I kept it classy and didn’t stay the night and ended up staying at my best friends flat instead.  Whilst waiting for the taxi he sat and sang George Ezra ‘Blame it on me’ which then I found it really sweet, a year on its now his signature karaoke song. The taxi arrived and he gave me his hoody to keep me warm as I were still in my work uniform and it was cold out. 

I remember getting to Danni’s house and acting like a 13-year-old girl, I were so giddy and wouldn’t shut up talking about him all night. It’d had been such a long time since I was happy after being in such a dead-end relationship for over a year. 

10th April 2017

Not the best of days I got the train back to mine and had to face a very emotional talk as I still had my ex-staying at mine. The length of the relationship with someone honestly doesn’t define how much you love and care about each other. What I felt with Jonny in just one day was so much more than what I felt with my ex and we’d spent a year and a half together. It’s always sad when things come to an end so I did find it hard but it was a massive weight off my shoulders. After ending things I went and met Jonny to cheer me up. We had a few drinks and played pool together. He’d just got a caravan on site so I headed back there with him for the night. We just chilled out in front of the fire watching family guy, with some cider whilst talking shit for hours which was a nice end to such a horrible day. 

11th April 2017

After only 2 days of knowing each other, we had this mad idea that I should stay with him in the caravan because it’d be easier for me to get to work, plus you never truly know someone until you live with them. I may have taken the piss a bit as I pretty much fetched half my house with me. 3 Full bags plus the Xbox and laptop which was a massive waste of time bringing because we only used them twice the time we stayed there. 

From that date, every day was the same we’d get up have a shower, he’d go to work first and I’d get the caravan cleaned and myself ready for work. I’d get to work and have either a bacon sandwich or some chips waiting for me before my shift started. He’d finish work before me so he would go and watch Match of The Day up at the caravan then came to pick me up once I’d finish. We’d always sit and have a beer or a hot chocolate and watch family guy then snooker until stupid o’clock in the morning before heading to bed.It was perfect but the novelty soon wears off because a year on I very rarely receive this treatment now, unfortunately. 

It took until the 28th April to make us official as we had our first proper date on this day. We went for an Indian and then had a walk on the beach before he asked me to be his girlfriend properly. He was that excited he rang his dad within 2 minutes to let him know he finally had a girlfriend. 


And the rest is history, I never expected a spontaneous night after work to end in us having our own little family. He’s not only my boyfriend but my best friend, life counselor and basically anything else you could possibly imagine. He’s there for me every day, no matter what, he irritates me most of the time but I wouldn’t change him for the world. I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend my life with. (I Know you’ll read this Jonny I’m only going to get soppy once so don’t get used to it 🙂 ) So yeah, here’s to a year of plenty of ups and downs and great memories and hopefully, many more to come.



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