Old Wives Tales … tale or truth ?

Logan was a team yellow baby so to stop the temptation of finding out the gender I tested a few old wives tales out for fun. Here’s my results;

Morning sickness:

So with this one it’s pretty simple. If you have morning sickness it’s a girl, if you don’t it’s a boy. So this was true for me. ✅

Baking soda test:

So for this test you wee in a pot and add baking soda. If it fizzes it’s a boy and if it doesn’t then it’s a girl. This one was also right for me. ✅

Which side you sleep on:

If you sleep on your left you’re having a boy and if you sleep on your right you’re having a girl.

Well I sleep mostly on my right side so this theory is wrong for me.❌

Nub theory:

Don’t know why I’m adding this into an old wives tale post as it actually has some scientific evidence around it apparently. It’s only accurate between 12-14 weeks , If the nub is parallel or straight with the spine then it’s a girl and if it’s raised or stacked it’s a boy. (Examples below)

Well as you can see by my scan photo the nub is slightly raised and stacked so this theory was correct. ✅

Skull theory:

Very similar to the nub theory but it’s all on the shape of the skull. If the forehead is round it’s a girl and if it’s flat it’s a boy. On most of my scan photos, Logan’s head was rounded especially on 20 week scans, so this theory was wrong. ❌

Sweet or salty?

This wives tale is to do with cravings which I didn’t get until right near the end of my pregnancy. So if you crave sweet food it’s a girl if it’s salty cravings it’s a boy… I loved sweets and mints 😋 so this theory was also wrong. ❌

Age and month:

This theory you add your age at conception to the month you conceived. If it’s odd it’s s girl and if it’s even it’s a boy. I was 19 and conceived in May 19+5= 24 so this theory was also right. ✅

Partners weight gain:

Well Jonny definitely gained sympathy weight he looked more pregnant than I did for most of it. This theory means you’re having a girl. So this is wrong. ❌

Chinese gender chart:

This theory actually worked for my mum but was wrong for me. You go on age at conception and month you conceived on the chart below. Apparently you go on your lunar age but I had no clue how to work that out but according to Google my lunar age is 21 which is just ridiculous and definitely wrong. ❌

High vs low:

Most people said I was showing high and had a neat bump. Carrying high means girl and low means boy. So this was wrong. ❌

Baby’s heart rate:

So this theory is on the baby’s heart rate. If it’s under 140BPM it’s a boy and if it’s over it’s a girl. Well Logan must have known he was a surprise and didn’t give away any clues as most of the time it was 140 unless he was super active it’d be 160+.

Garlic Test:

For this test you eat a piece of garlic and if you smell of garlic it’s a boy if not it’s a girl. Well I did so this theory was correct but nonsense because don’t most people smell of garlic after they’ve eaten it? ✅

Pencil test:

Last test is the pencil gender prediction. You can do this when you’re not pregnant and I believe males can do it too. I tested this one on my mum as well and it was correct for all three of her kids.

You get a sharp pencil , a needle and some thread. You thread the needle and stick it on top of the pencil. You hold your wrist out flat , holding the thread only, place the tip of the pencil on your wrist. Hold your hand very still. Lift the pencil up slowly, staying as still as possible. Wait until the pencil starts to move like a pendulum.

Analyse the pencil. If it goes up and down your wrist it’s a boy and if it moves side to side it’s a girl. The pencil will do a small circle between each baby you’ll have. Once the pencil stops that’s how many kids you’ll have in order of gender.

For me the results are

Boy, girl, boy, girl.

The first one is right the rest we will have to see about in the future.😬

So , have any of these old wives tales worked for you ? If so which ones? 😄

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