Logan’s 3 month update

My little Logibear turned three months old today!  A quarter of a year old …how exciting! 🙂  I can’t believe it’s been three months already. The months just seem to be going by in a flash.

So much has changed within Logan this month but he is still such a laid back baby!  Still rarely cries unless he’s hangry or his poor gums are hurting.

Since the last blog he’s had 2 lots of injections , his firsts ones was honestly horrible, he took them so well and cried for 2 seconds slept all day until we got home and he just wouldn’t settle poor baby 😩 it’s so hard seeing him cry when you know there’s nothing you can do but give him a cuddle. His second lot of injections was soo much easier this time round , didn’t bother him in the slightest it just made him very sleepy.

Anyway here’s to the update;

Size: He’s finally in 0-3 clothing (well mostly he still fits in some 1 month items) he’s not been weighed in a few weeks but his last weigh in he was 11lb 7. So should be around 13lb now. He’s also 65cm long now!


Logan’s routine hasn’t changed in the slightest he still sleeps through the night , however he has his days where he refuses to have naps in the day and just fights his sleep.

Feeding: The feeding has calmed down a lot during this month he isn’t feeding as long or as often. On the hot days he’s been more frequent on the boob for a drink but on cold typical English weather days he’ll have 2 long feeds and about 5 short feeds a day.


Logan has mastered the fake cry this month so he definitely knows how to get his own way already! He’s still cheeky and full of smiles and becoming very very chatty.

He also loves to he surrounded by girls , after the wedding we went to this month Logan saw a baby girl his age in the church and had his eye on her all day and night , giving her the look , smiling and winking away ( clearly doesn’t get winking from his dad , sorry Jonny ). Think it’s fair to say he’s going to be a charmer and break many hearts when he’s older!



Elephants, he loves his elephant comforter and rattle. He has to hug it to sleep when in his pram. Probably my fault for making him like elephant because I have a slight obsession myself!😬

He has a new love for JP Cooper just like his mummy.

Standing, he’s so strong on his legs he’s able to stand whilst I hold his hands and he loves it, probably because it gives him a better view to be extra nosey on what’s going on around him.

His new teddy , billy the bunny. It’s soft so he cuddles it with Elli the elephant. It’s also blue which is his favourite colour.

Blowing raspberries on his belly, he hasn’t quite learnt how to laugh whilst awake yet but he gives the biggest smiles when getting raspberries and tickles.

To be naked, Logan seems to be happiest when having a bath or getting his nappy changed just chilling with no clothes or nappy on.


Not a fan of anyone sneezing and he hates the sound of the vacuum.

Shopping , typical male. Unless we’re buying something for him of course.


Il start with the most recent and big one , Logan has been learning to sit this week. He’s pushing himself up and when placed in sitting position he can hold himself for 10 seconds (so far) doesn’t love sitting as much as standing though!

Apparently this is a milestone but Logan has figured out how to turn himself around whilst doing tummy time.

He’s finally found his thumb , it’s taken a while but he’s found it and his little way of doing it is holding his four fingers with his hand and guiding his thumb into his mouth. It takes him a lot of concentration but his face and sound affects are dead cute.

The little things that make us laugh 

Nothing new this month but just him farting in the middle of the night crack us up every time , because they’re so loud and long!

And that is it for his 3-month update!



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