Quick update…

So you may have noticed I’ve been really inactive on here recently (sorry , I’m a terrible blogger I know!) life has just got in the way recently. My moods have been pretty low these past few weeks and to be honest they still are! I’ve lost a little motivation but hopefully it’ll blow over soon and I’ll be back to feeling normal again.

Anyway, negativity aside I thought I’d do a quick little update on what’s been happening with myself and of course Logan!

Where to start, Logan is now 15 weeks old. He’s finally learnt how to laugh, thank god I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for that laugh to come out. His first laugh was over a packet of crisps whilst out on the cliff having a picnic.

Staying on the subject of laughing , we recently had our first hotel stay as a family. Not too far away but it was nice to get away from everything going on at home and I’m sure Jonny loved a days peace from work. We visited one of Logan’s uncles whilst on this little trip and within 2 minutes of arriving he had Logan laughing (not jealous at all honest!) we also noticed that Logan loves his music and we seriously need to consider getting him a tambourine his size and a drum kit when he’s a bit older. (Hints for Christmas presents 😉)

During are little break away we did some shopping , absolutely spoilt Logan with some new clothes for the summer and spent way too much time in Waterstones! We originally went in for Jonny to treat me to Louise Pentland’s book ‘Wilde like me’ and ended up in the kids section going through so many baby books reading them to Logan , he loved it! The ‘That’s Not My’ book series are great ! He enjoyed them and the peek-a-boo books. We ended up getting him a bedtime stories book with lovely illustrations in and a first word flash cards set. He can’t quite talk yet obviously but he seems to enjoy the cards by trying to eat them (joys of a teething baby!) he seems to find the word ‘Apple’ amusing.

We’ve spent quite a lot of time recently up at Jonny’s work , turns out that Logan isn’t a huge fan of soft play and would rather sit watching all the lights in the arcade instead. Live shows he always seems to fall asleep during. We tried to win him a big Rory teddy playing bingo but unfortunately didn’t win 😩

Swimming! I don’t know if I included this in Logan’s last update but he’s been swimming a few times now and loves it. He’s a little water baby , which I expected. Me on the other hand is still getting over my fear of water.

Update on myself , I’ve had an early midlife crisis. I’ve tried , to dye my hair grey and I’ve cut a lot of it off. I didn’t notice now bloody irritating long hair is ! Logan still manages to grab hold of it mind but so far I love having short hair.

And I’ve got a tattoo ! Not a lion tat just yet but Jonny treated me to an early birthday present , it’s nothing too big , I’ve got Logan’s name and an arrow on my forearm. Why an arrow ? Because Logan means warrior so why not? 🤷🏼‍♀️

So I think we’re up to date now , hopefully! I know I’ve forgot to mention that Logan is currently in his 4th developmental leap (God don’t I know it) but that can be for another post!

To end this post , here is a cute photo of Logan peacefully asleep after tonight’s first bath in the big tub and a bedtime story!

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