The best of postpartum

Postpartum can be the worst time for some of us but there is plenty of positives to get excited about.

1.You can lie on your belly again !

2. All those stupid food restrictions are now gone if you actually bothered to follow them, yey.

3. No more feeling like a turtle struggling on its shell when you try roll out of bed.

4. No longer a human punch bag… Well for now.

5. You can tie your own shoe laces again.

6. On the subject of feet you can see them again.

7. You no longer need assistance to shave your hoohaa.

8. You can get dressed without it turning into an Olympic sport

9. No more people asking if ‘is baby here yet?’ or ‘when you due?’

10. You can finally zip your coat up with no issue

11. No more skilfully weeing in a pot for checkups every 2 weeks.

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