Bringing up a child to be Gender Neutral.

*Disclaimer: Just want to start this post off by saying I do not have any intentions to offend anyone , this is my opinion on children been brought up gender neutral. If this is your way of parenting then cool , you do you! :)*

Gender-neutral, the ‘new’ style of parenting that is causing a hell of a debate. Soo if you don’t know what gender neutral is , it’s basically bringing your child up with no gender , you let them choose their identity and don’t typically put them in blue if they’re a boy etc.

My opinion on this , I think it’s a tad OTT. I know that I’ll bring Logan up to be a boy because that’s what he is. However if he wants to wear pink and push prams I’m 100% okay with that I don’t do stereotypes , pink is just a colour and a pram is just a toy and in my eyes good practice for older siblings *totally not hinting that I want another*.

Anyway , I think this whole ‘my baby hasn’t got a gender till they decided’ is just stupid to be honest. I don’t believe that colours and toys push your child into wanting to be another gender I also don’t believe that they make your child choose their sexuality. Why does sexuality even matter at such a young age , I mean most girls think boys are ew and have diseases and vice versa at such a young age anyway.

What needs to stop in my opinion is stereotypes , if a girl wants to dress ‘boyish’ hardly anyone batts an eyelid but if a boy dresses in a dress people have a melt down. Yes , I wouldn’t dress my son in a dress personally but if he choose to himself I wouldn’t stop him because that’s him developing his personality and using his imagination if it’s dress up. It doesn’t mean he’ll end up gay (so what if he does🤷🏼‍♀️) same with girls , does that mean all tomboy’s become lesbians?

On topic of clothes John Lewis and many other brands have brought out gender neutral clothes, this caused a meltdown too. Clothes I don’t have an issue with because to be honest I find gender neutral clothes cute! And they are so much more versatile and one thing I’ve noticed when I’ve gone clothes shopping is there’s not much choice for boys like there is for girls which is a tad unfair , so I’m all down for gender neutral clothing.

Back onto the topic of bringing a ‘non gender’ child up , I think it’ll confuse them personally I mean it’s confusing me just thinking about it like what would you call them if you can’t go by ‘Mr or Mrs?’ And what on earth goes on their birth certificate if they don’t identify as male or female ? I just don’t see the point in it.

I’ve seen that some people are terrified to announce they’ve had a boy or girl incase they cause offence as they’ve ‘forced their child into being that gender’ it’s madness.

So do I agree with this new trend ?I guess in a way I do if it’s not taken to the extreme of taking their gender away. I’m all for bringing up kids to not have stereotypes we’re not in the 60’s no more. Women are able to do men’s jobs and men … well some do the dishes. Times are changing but not changing drastically that we need to no longer identify as male or female.

So what are your thoughts on this?



4 Replies to “Bringing up a child to be Gender Neutral.”

  1. I know someone who refused a pink bike as it wasn’t gender neutral for their daughter but surely it’s more genderless to be happy with pink than to not allow it at all? I don’t know much about the topic but I know I have a boy and if someone was nice enough to get him a pink/blue bike I wouldn’t refuse it due to colour!

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    1. Oh wow 😳 I mean I’m not a lover of pink but I’m exactly the same as you , I wouldn’t refused if someone kindly bought something that is pink. In fact Logan’s got a pink unicorn and he really doesn’t care about it been ‘girly’ at all. It’s definitely a new parenting trend ! I don’t know too much about It , In fact I were completely against it at first till I read more about it.


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