Things no one knew about becoming a mum

Here are a few things not many mothers talk about , admit too or even notice!

1. Pets get downgraded

I hate to admit this but ever since having Logan , Charlie my cute little border terrier has been downgraded. Not intentionally, I still love her to bits as much as she gets on my nerves, she’s a dog that wants alll the attention in the world because once upon a time that’s all she got was my attention constantly. It’s rare she even gets a belly rub. Sorry doggo 🐶 more walks and treats will happen when Logan’s older and driving you mad!

2. Clean rooms

Logan isn’t actually messy … yet it’s more I have very little time to clean up as I’d rather give Logan my full attention. I should be used to a messy room as Jonny is incapable of putting things where they belong … washing on the floor right next to the wash basket. Must be a male thing , I don’t quite get the logic. Anywayy … even if the place is clean his toys seem to be EVERYWHERE. That jumperoo may be fun kiddo but I’m sick of bloody moving it already.

3.You no longer own your boobs

If you breastfeed you no longer have control of your boobs , they are now controlled and owned by your kid. They’ll grab them , learn the nipple cripple pretty damn fast , get excited soon as they see boobs but have a melt down if they’ve not latched fast enough. Yep, breastfeeding is a bunch of fun.

4.You have sympathy for other parents

Not having kids and been on public transport or stuck on a long haul flight I’d be with 80% of the people giving that parent dirty looks or face palming wishing to get away or their child to shut up asap. But now having my own seeing any baby cry or a child have a melt down I give a little smile like ‘you got this’. If I could take back all the times I gave dirty looks to a parent who I thought couldn’t control their kid I would.

5. You’ll happily embarrass yourself

Once wouldn’t dare make funny noises and faces or anything that seems a bit strange to do in public , but now you’ll do anything to make your baby happy even if it means you look and sound ridiculous.

6. Learn a new language

On the subject of sounding ridiculous, soon as your babies born you become fluent in parentese , yep that’s a thing.

7. Your baby will shock you … daily.

And by this I don’t just mean hitting milestones , as amazing as that is. No I’m on about things like how bloody loud such a small human can fart. This never fails to make us laugh, we could be asleep or in another room and we can hear Logan fart or in some cases poo. My child has a loud bum and for some reason I’m proud of that.

8. Being judged in a whole new way

No matter what you do or how you parent , someone will always judge you. Not breastfeeding? Decided to be a stay at home mum ? Co-sleep ? Either way someone will label you as a bad parent and god forbid if you don’t do everything perfectly or follow guidelines, the perfect parent squad will come and get you. Like you may as well call social services now.

9. You’ll lose friends but gain some

Something I haven’t experienced…yet probably because I only have a small amount of friends to begin with is lose contact , but I see it’s a struggle for many to lose friends after having kids because people instantly think you won’t have a social life no more , you can’t drink ect. However you’ll gain new friends that are in the same boat as you. Especially since starting this blog and growing my Instagram it’s nice to connect with other mums out there. *favourite hashtags are #vforvillage and #findmytribe*

10. Motherhood doesn’t get boring

Okay I may only be nearly 4 months into motherhood , but I’m the kind of girl who gets bored very easily. Probably because every day isn’t the same , it’s like typical British weather changing every minute. Just like Logan , he’s appearance changes daily! He’s learning something new , it’s exciting , you’ve just got to enjoy every minute of it.

Can you tell this is a 4am blog ? Why am I up at 4am you may be wondering, honestly I’ve got no idea. With my brain going 100mph with a tonne of ideas and everyone sound asleep what better time to write a blog.

Il end this here with a cute snap of a sleepy Logan.



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