Q & A

You asked , I’m answering!

This is my first Q&A post and a good chance for new readers and followers to get to know me!:)

Q) What career path did you want to follow before you got pregnant?

A)For years and years I wanted to go in the forces I had ambitions of going in the Navy or Army , after leaving school I believed I were ‘too stupid’ to go in either so choose a different career path to go into the travel industry. As much as I enjoyed my course and traveling I still deep down wanted to go in the forces. So one day at sixth form , both the navy and army visited and on same day I applied, which looking back were so stupid I didn’t prepare myself enough, I learnt quickly from that mistake, got myself fit and mentally prepared and unfortunately for me my health held me back as I got an instant fail so I can never join unfortunately. Which leaves me now to just wing life cause I have zero clue on what I want to do as a career.

Q)What have past relationships taught you?

A) I don’t deserve to be treated badly and be taken for a mug. Each relationship I’ve been cheated on and compared to other girls I actually just started to accept that it was okay. My last relationship was a huge lesson for me though , never ever will I share my credit card and let anyone freely use my money again. A year on I’m still paying debt off for him using my card for a load of crap basically, nothing we’re useful. The whole point in me getting a credit card were to improve my credit score for a mortgage in the future but ah well you learn from these things.

Q)How did you tell your parents you were pregnant and what was their reaction?

A) Honestly, not in the best way , my Mum were away at the time so I had to ring her and tell her over the phone. It wasn’t a fantastic announcement, nothing special just ‘Hi Mum, please don’t go mad at me but you’re kind of going to be a Grandma again’ … yeah she were disappointed but only for a few minutes as she rang back dead excited.

Q)What’s your opinion on abortion being legalised in Ireland?

A)I think it’s good that they’ve finally legalised it ! Ireland need to get with the times and not take religion in to consideration when someone wants to abort a child. Abortion is a touchy subject, as much as I don’t agree with it been used as birth control I think women should be allowed to if it’s medical or rape cases. How many women have gone through pregnancy after such horrible circumstances I do not know! It must’ve been horrible, thank god the laws changed.

Q)Favourite youtuber and why?

A)This is actually a difficult question aha! I have so many , right now my go to YouTuber is ‘sprinkleofglitter’ little Pearl is so gorgeous & of course Darcy. I LOVE the Sacconejolys too. One that I love to watch which isn’t baby and family related has to be Shane Dawson, got to love conspiracy theories!

Q)Favourite TVs shows?

A) Easy , I rarely watch TV but Corrie and Emmerdale are my favourite soaps! Goggle box and Kitchen Nightmares is what I watch sometimes if I get free time at night.

Q)What made you not want to find out the gender ?

A)Always knew whenever I’d have a baby I wouldn’t find out the gender. My mum never found out and my brother wanted a surprise too with my nieces so I guess you can say it’s a family thing. If I’m honest it made pregnancy exciting, I don’t think I’d ever want to find out the gender.

Q)What’s your opinion on a girl under the age of 16 dating someone over the age of 16?

(E.g. 14 and 18)

A) Touchy subject , see I don’t care about age gaps because in theory it is just a number … but if your under the age of consent like 14&18 it’s weird! It’s 1 illegal and 2 someone that’s 14 has A LOT of growing up and maturing to do , they’ve probably just started puberty… yeah , no it’s just weird I don’t agree with it.

Q)Will you have another baby? If so how many?

A) I would LOVE another ! Logan needs a sibling. Not just yet mind but 100% yes I’d have another I’d love to have 4 kids in total. I enjoyed pregnancy and I’m loving motherhood so I can’t wait to have more , hopefully the next few will be planned this time.

Q) How do you take your pictures?

A) Honestly, just my phone ! (iPhone SE) I am upgrading my phone for the P20 pro just so I can get better quality photos.

Q)How do you chose your topics to post on?

A) I’m always thinking of new content , I’ve got a full list of ideas ready to write about in case I ever get writers stump! If you’ve noticed I always post my ideas on Instagram stories to see what you’d all prefer to read. 🙂

Q) Will you ever get into Vlogging?

A) Yes! I’ve always been quite camera shy and god I hate my voice on camera but I’m starting to get used to it , so hopefully once I gain a bit more confidence, I have better equipment to play with and Logan’s a bit older il 100% give vlogging a shot!

I actually enjoyed doing this ! Il probably do another Q&A in a few months. Thank you to people that got involved:)

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