Guide To Tummy Time Fun

Logan is a huge lover of tummy time admittedly he didn’t take to it well when we first tried him at 2 weeks old , all he’d do is go straight to sleep lazy baby. Anyway it didn’t take him too long to get into the swing of things. I know not all babies are the same in fact I see more people on Facebook groups asking for advice because their child hates tummy time ! So here’s a little guide on what I did to get Logan to enjoy it and to make it more fun for the both of us because let’s be honest , just lying on your belly on a blanket is boring !

1) Use mirrors

Very simple but so effective, this was the first thing that got Logan to enjoy tummy time he LOVES looking at himself. It’s encouraged him to lift his head and do mini push ups!

2) Books

Another thing we tried were black and white picture books , he’d spend ages staring at the imagines and cooing at his favourite page which happens to be faces! Now he’s older I’d love to swap these black and white books for a sensory type of book.

3) Teddies

We used Logan’s favourite cuddly toys to make things more fun , he started of by just looking at his favourite toys and smiling and now he’s trying to reach out for them.

4) Super baby

Tummy time doesn’t always have to be on a mat. Lay down and place baby on your shins and make them fly. Or simply place them laying on their front on one of your arms supporting them. This is one of Logan’s favourites! And I’ve heard this position it’s great for colic. Win win!

5) Face time

No , not iPhones version of FaceTime if that’s what you’re thinking , lay on your back and have baby on your chest & talk or sing to them. This is probably a good place to start with tummy time if your baby really dislikes it. Plus it’s more time for cuddles !

6) Bath time toys in a bowl

If your baby can hold and lift themselves up this is a great one to do. It’s encouraging Logan to learn to crawl. Just simply fill a plastic shallow bowl full of warm water and add a few of their favourite bath toys in.

7) Sensory play

Sensory play can be done anywhere but it’s great to include it with tummy time.

Here’s a list of things we’ve used so far with Logan;


Bottles (One of Logan’s favourites)



Ice bag

Other Homemade sensory bags

the list goes on!

Il make a post on what we’ve made for sensory play , there’s is no need to spend a fortune when you can make and use stuff that you already own in your household !

Glitter and swirl bottle

Liquid bag

Logan’s current favourite been pasta filled bottle with glitter ✨

Last tip is give it time ! Tummy time isn’t easy for a lot of babies and professionals seem to make it look like it’s normal for babies to instantly enjoy it. When in reality it’s unlikely they will at first.

Got anymore fun tummy time activities? Feel free to share in comments 🙂



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