Sensory Sand for babies and Tods

Keeping this post short and simple , their is no need to go buy expensive sand when you can make your own at home with things you probably got in the household.

It’s so easy to make and honestly it smells soooo much nicer and makes your skin soft so it’s a win win really!

So here’s what you’ll need;

• Flour

• Baby oil or any essential oils

• Storage tub

• Spoon


Pour flour into a large bowl around 6/7 cups is a good amount. If you want to make the sand colourful use powder paint or glitter instead of food colouring.


Pour 1 1/2 cups of baby oil to the flour and stir. It’s so much easier with hands but if your not about that life then stick to the spoon.

Once mixed you’re good to go! Easy.

There is an edible version which makes a complete different texture just chuck some biscuits and crackers into a blender , smash up any chunks that didn’t get blended and poor into a tray and add some toys! I haven’t tried this with Logan yet but I can’t wait to see his reaction when he’s old enough.



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