Lifestyle | No Mum , I don’t want to sleep!

So Logan’s 15 weeks and a new thing I’ve been looking into is ‘The Wonder Weeks’ and thank god Ive found it to be honest!!

In one my recent blogs I mentioned that Logan is currently going through leap 4. If you don’t know what leaps are it’s basically a length of time where baby may become fussy because of a huge learning curve or growth spurt. Every baby will experience this on the same weeks going by there due date and not the day they were born. Leap four lasts from 14 1/2 weeks to 19.

Anyway , Logan isn’t a bad baby in fact I didn’t even notice the other three leaps at all but this one … well I bloody well know about it and we have 4 more weeks of this. As you may know Logan loves , sorry … loved I should say his sleep, he’d happily have plenty of naps and fall asleep bang on 10pm without fail. Now he’s doing everything he can to fight his sleep he’s not too bad on a night luckily but throughout the day this kid doesn’t want to miss a thing and will do everything he can to stay awake. He usually sleeps through but for past 3/4 nights he’s been starting to wake up at night thinking it’s time to play , usually i’m wide awake and it’s so hard to stop myself from being playful but 1am really isn’t a time to be playing.

Another new thing I’ve noticed is he’s become incredibly impatient, if he wants something he wants it straight away no waiting around especially when he’s hungry he screams if I don’t get boob out fast enough and then gets that excited and head butts by boobs (cheers kiddo).

As much as I hate this extremely whining period as well as coping with teething there is a lot of exciting things happening!

•He’s growing ridiculously fast , he’s not lasted in 0-3 clothes at all, he’s now in 3-6m clothes some 6m and size 3 nappies. It’s quite sad at the same time because I want him to stay small forever but getting to see the magic of what my boobs are doing is just fab and just makes me want to carry on instead of rushing into weaning.

•His coordination has come on so much , he’s able to grab things and actually aim for his mouth within the first try.

He’s doing loads more but Il save that for his 4 month update!

The wonder weeks app and book are definitely worth the hype.



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