Daily blog | Day of Splashing , Crawling And Being Moody.

Nothing to exciting to start the day but it’s definitely been a weird start for sure , usually every morning Il wake up bang on 6am to Logan banging his legs on his cot waiting for me to come and feed him. But not today , I woke up at 7:30am and Logan was still fast asleep. I’m not used to this and didn’t quite know what to do with myself but I did appreciate the fact I got to eat first this morning cause I’m usually starving first thing in the morning! *Ah the little things we miss before becoming a mum. *

Logan woke up shortly after luckily after I finished my breakfast , I went up to feed him and after being fed , because he was in a playful mood he had some bonding time with daddy. Daddy got to choose his outfit today which il give him some credit , it was a good choice ! Don’t think Logan was too happy with the choice mind as he’s been in a grump most of the day.

Jonny left for work and me and Logan had some playtime together before getting ourselves ready to go into town for food shopping, how exciting… not. Now I love food but food shopping is just the worst , especially with my Mum she’s easily distracted and takes about an hour longer to get it finished.

After food shopping we had a look around the shops and found a mini paddling pool for Logan ! Right now it’s the best thing I’ve bought , I’m planning to get some balls so we can us it both inside and out.

Came back home and by this time the weathers actually decent , so I was itching to get the pool set up straight away. Put Logan in his swim shorts and off outside we went , I chucked some bath toys in and blowed bubbles ( Poundland bubbles are shocking , or I’m just terrible at blowing them !) this was the most Logan had smiled all day. He loved kicking and splashing about everywhere whilst squealing, he also managed to sit up unaided for much longer then usual.

Now the cutest moment happened and I’m glad it did , both Logan and Charlie have taken an interest in each other , I’m sure Logan doesn’t quite understand what Charlie is but she got him smiling! This is the closest Charlie has been voluntary to wanting to try play with Logan , she sat offering her paw and even went and fetched her ball *she doesn’t even do that for us * she sat close by him in the pool the whole time. Charlie since Logan coming home has naturally been jealous and acted slightly out of character so to see her back to her usually self is lovely. It’s only taken four months mind !🙄

Anyway the enjoyment of the pool didn’t last long at all Logan soon got moody again , I brought him inside and he went straight off to sleep. After an hours nap , we did a bit of tummy time together, Logan’s shocked me at how much he’s able to wriggle himself forward now! I don’t think it’ll be long till he’s crawling!



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