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I’ve been pretty negative about things lately so i thought it might be nice to write about all the things I’ve achieved in my life so far. I admit it’s taken me hours to think about the stuff I’ve achieved , you always think of the biggest achievements possible but the small ones are just as important. So here we are, 10 things I’ve achieved so far;

1. Worked abroad

So first things first I’ll start with one of my most proudest achievements , which is getting to work abroad! Back in 2016 just 2 days before my 19th birthday I flew to the South of France to work as a holiday courier. I’ve never flown on my own before and this was my first time flying since 15 years old , so you can imagine I’m pretty nervous. I spent around 2 1/2 months in France , on a campsite in the middle of no where miles away from everything. I could honestly spend so many hours going on about my experience but il save that for another blog!

2. Climbed a mountain

This seems to shock people when I tell them but yes I’ve climbed a mountain, I did cadets and it were apart of the adventure training trip. Definitely one of my best memories doing adventure training in Wales! Back then I loved heights , in fact my only fear were water but I still managed to do water sports. Anyway, I’ve climbed Snowdonia going up were hard but I enjoyed every second even though the weather on the way up was bloody awful. Climbing back down however has now made me have a fear of heights.

3. Learnt how to sail and windsurf

To say Ive always been a bit crap when it comes to water I’m half decent at water sports. Trying windsurfing for the first time when I were 12 years old I were a natural! I’m also not too bad at sailing if I remember rightly my dad was the first person to teach me how to sail but I soon learnt again with cadets.

Little 12 year old me looking fab in my wetsuit , clearly. 😳

4. Selection

Actually making it to the selection process for the Army it took a few attempts at pre-selection (basically a practice of what tests they do for the real thing) but I got there eventually. My 17th birthday , travelling 5 hour journey by myself. I had to talk in front of strangers for 3 minutes which I absolutely hated , do an intelligence test and a number of fitness tests one been 1.5 mile run. Which is where I failed , just short of 200m from the finish I pushed myself too hard and nerves got the better of me it made me sick. Even though I failed and still to this day I’m absolutely gutted about it that I can’t ever join , is a huge achievement because I tried and worked so hard for it.

5. BTEC Results

I did absolutely shocking at school as 1) school refused to cater for my learning difficulties 2) They dropped my sets so I lost interest in most subjects and 3) I were just a little shit who skived 80% of the time. (Sorry mum) so Sixth Form were my second shot to do better. To say I left school with 3 GCSES at grade D if that , I left Sixth Form with 2 Cs on GCSE resits and Distinction* on my chosen courses. I have no clue how because I hardly ever attended sixth form.

6. I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life

I’m sure I’ve done this way more then I think I have but knowing I’ve made at least one positive impact in someone’s life makes me happy. One that I remember most is taking hours out my day to listen and to stop someone from killing themselves, just knowing I helped them feel better by listening means a lot.

7. Having a family

20 may seem young to most people to want and have a family this age but I’ve done college , I’ve travelled, I’ve been lucky to experience a lot to be honest and having a baby doesn’t stop you from achieving things or traveling. I’m happy to be settled and have my own little family.

8. Firing a weapon

Cadets I obviously learnt how to shoot , didn’t have a bad aim either. I bet if I tried now I’d be dreadful!

9. Learnt to swim

I’ve always had a fear of water , well swimming pools specifically. I learnt to swim in the sea when 7 years old whilst in Turkey so only ever been comfortable in the sea. Oddly I’ve been terrible and couldn’t swim to save my life in a swimming pool for years and wouldn’t even dare go to the deep end even by holding on to the sides , until recently that is. I’m 20 years old and I’m only just learning to swim like a normal person thanks to Jonny teaching me and getting me over my fear.

10. Writing this blog !

In my first blog post I mentioned how I wanted to do this for years , well I’m happy that I have , the response is amazing. I honestly never expected anyone to read them as I thought my life or what I had to share would be interesting. Seeing my followers and views go up shocks me daily I can’t believe I’ve hit the 1000s and gaining 50-100 followers a day! It may seem little to some but I wasn’t even expecting the one view. I’m also amazed at how blogging makes you connect with people from all over the world.

So there’s 10 achievements, hopefully I can be a bit more positive with the way I’m thinking.

Be good to hear your biggest or smallest achievements you’re proud of. Leave a comment below or get involved on Instagram @adventuresofloganandme



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