Daily blog | Lazy days

So there isn’t much to write about today , me and Logan woke up at around 10am. Logan slept for soo long last night , he fell asleep at 8:50pm and didn’t wake till 6:30am !

Logan has been in a better mood today full of smiles and very talkative! We’ve played in the Jumperoo which he loved he’s able to spend around 20 minute in it without getting bored now.

Which is all well and good but not only does this jumperoo get in the way a lot Logan now has one favourite song on the piano part … and it irritates the life out of me with it constantly repeating. But hey as long as Logan’s happy I’m happy , he’s easily entertained.

He then had a nap and woke up for some tummy time together upstairs whilst watching ‘The Lorax‘ Im actually surprised he watched the whole film! He soon fell asleep soon as it ended though.

As writing this we’ve just finished watching Dr Do Little , he only got to watch 30 minutes of it but he loved Arthur the bear. Squealing and laughing every time he came on screen bless him.

We’ve taken a few photos for things that can be mentioned at a later date !😉

Tonight is bath night so that’s how we’ll end our day and have some cuddles and baby massage, once Logan’s asleep I plan to write up some more blog posts whilst I have the free time.

Bit of a boring day but Logan didn’t seem to mind , hopefully tomorrow’s more exciting and the weather brightens up!



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