How I met my best friends

Where do I start! This post isn’t just about one person so it’s going to be prettty lengthy! I can count my friends on one hand and these three come to mind on who’s stuck by me the most so if you’re reading guys this ones for you. ✌🏽

Okay, so the first person I’ll start with is Izzy. I met Izzy back when I was 11 years old at a summer sports camp, we instantly clicked. Looking back I don’t think we realised that we’d still be in contact and super close 9 years on.

To be honest it’s that many years ago I can’t even remember how we even first started talking, we probably got shoved on the same table or something silly like that but I’m so so happy we did because this is the longest friendship I’ve ever had. We’ve had absolutely no fall outs or disagreements and no matter the distance or the years we can be apart from meeting each other it honestly feels like we’ve never been apart. We can sit and talk for hours she’s my go to when life gets tough, I don’t know how many times we’ve got through things together in these past 9 years. It’s the type of friendship you don’t have to talk every single day to be close in fact we’ve gone months without saying a word to each other. She’s also the type of friend that you joke about being related too, we’ve always classed ourselves as cousins and we’ve been living this lie for so bloody long we may as well be related.

What I find hilarious is us recently realising this camp was for disabled people only, how we didn’t notice I don’t know.

We’ve had so so many memories together I could honestly sit here and write about most of them but I’d be writing a novel.

But the picture below got me thinking once upon a time I used to drag her up to the dance floor and embarrass her, now tables have turned and shes dragging me up every time we meet.

Okay so next best friend is Danni , we’ve only known each other for 5 years but I remember exactly how we met.

So in late September 2013 I moved to sixth form after my college course got dropped and to make the time up on my timetable I had to do media, well I had a bad attitude about this so she took meeting me in my first class quite badly. Our media class ended up being our friendship group, we did a lot together but for some reason me and Danni just didn’t click at first. I remember my first thoughts were thinking she’s so stuck up her own arse and god knows what she thought of me at the time. For months we didn’t really bother with each other until everyone in the group started getting bitchy about her for petty things, our next media lesson after the groups bitch sesh about her, no one wanted to work with her so we got paired together and that’s when we clicked, we realised we had quite a bit in common. She wasn’t as bad as people made out, we were both bloody terrible for skiving off college and she was extremely honest and that’s what I loved, well sometimes I’m not the kind of gal that takes well to criticism.

Ever since then she’s taught me how to apply make up so much better, shes got me through some of my toughest times. We’ve even lived together and in that flat many memories were made! Many that just isn’t appropriate for this blog.

And at last we get to Stacey! Who I’d just like to mention that she grammar checks my blogs before I post them cause in all honesty my grammar and spelling is bloody shocking, sucks to be dyslexic.

Anyway I met Stacey back in school, we weren’t in the same year I was the year above. Anyway the both of us did cadets together, we were in different sections , she was in the Army I were Navy so didn’t really see a lot of each other as we did different things. We did a weekend stay at school for a signals competition, on that weekend I spotted Stacey out straight away as she was THE WORST at marching, so I nicknamed her tick-tock as well as Watsit from then on. We had a full weekend of no sleep because rolling around pretending to be worms in our sleeping bags and drawing penises on whiteboards were far more important and entertaining then sleep.

We actually weren’t close at all back in school we just knew each other and only spoke every now and then at cadets, 3 years later we ended up going to the same college and just agreed to be bus buddy’s and it’s amazing what an hour and half bus journey can do, we found a lot about each other on these journeys and since leaving I’ve not been able to get rid of her (jokes) she can text absolute nonsense for hours.

I’m going to end it here as I’ve written far too much I just have so much to say about each person and I know you guys will probably read this so thanks for been fab all these years we’ve known each other and here’s to loads more memories together!

– SadieX

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