Daily blog | Clinginess and Cuddles

So this morning I woke up to Logan at the top of his cot playing with his cot mobile. I love big morning smiles from him , he wasn’t hungry at this point so I left him and turned to get my drink. As I turned which was only a few seconds , he started kicking away and making a fuss… He somehow got under his blanket , so I rushed to take it off him , I’ve honestly never moved so fast in my life and I now I’m no longer a fan of blankets, well no blankets for the cot anyway. I dread to think of what would of happened if I wasn’t awake. So after that mini heart attack this morning I’ve decided I’m getting the Grobag back out , it’ll probably stop him from spinning himself around in his cot to be fair!

I brought him into bed with us like I do every morning , fed him then played for an hour before getting some breakfast. After daddy left for work Logan became a little bit clingy, which made it difficult to get things done that needed to be done. So the baby carrier came out into use , I’ve hardly used it since it got bought for me simply because I’ve found it hard to put on the first few tries, but I’ve cracked it. However cleaning and baby wearing do not mix well, well I don’t think so anyway. Maybe it’s something I need to get used to. I honestly feel like I’ve done a workout and 1000 squats today with just cleaning.

Uncle Keith has just got a helicopter , a mini remote controlled one that is … we aren’t rich enough for that lifestyle. Imagine having your own helicopter though🤔 anyway , we went outside to watch him play around with it, I think us two were far more amused then Logan. He didn’t seem too impressed by it at all,think cars and bikes are more his thing at the moment. (Newly discovered Logan loves watching F1 the other day)

Later on after Logan had a long nap he cheered up and was full of smiles and became very chatty. We did some tummy time and how fast he’s developing and learning how to crawl is amazing. All his attempt to crawl around and standing and sitting his done soon made him go to sleep again.

Now we’re cuddled up with pizza , just waiting to see who wins Britains Got Talent , I’m hoping it’s Robert White or lost voice guy 🤞🏻🤞🏻



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