Items you don’t really need to buy for a baby

*I feel like I need to put some sort of disclaimer out here , the following list is based on my opinion and experience. If one these products seems like it’ll help you out as a FTM then go for it! *

Parents-to-be will most often spend a fortune on baby products they don’t need , they’ll either sit collecting dust or be thrown away. Here’s my list on what I find unnecessary.

1. Moses basket

Before next to me cots where a thing a Moses basket would of been useful. I didn’t get a next to me cot because 1) space and 2) bloody expensive. I got given a Moses basket luckily so didn’t waste any money but Logan got about 2/3 weeks use out of it before he outgrew it and started to hate it ( my boy loves to stretch out). So yeah don’t waste good money on a Moses basket.

2. Baby shoes

I’m a massive hypocrite here but there’s some truth to what I’m writing they’re bloody adorable to buy but useless! Like socks your baby will just kick them off and lose them, shoes ain’t needed until they’re walking.

3. Baby towels

I personally went mad on baby towels and in 4 months time only got through using like 4 of them , you don’t realise how small they are till you suddenly can’t wrap them up in them no more. I’d say regular nice soft towels are more worth while as cute as baby towels are.

4. Baby bath

I thought I’d desperately need a baby bath , the one I was kindly bought were great! I could Bath Logan in our room but now he’s grown out of it , it’s only lasted 3 months 😦

5. Baby powderI use it only when Logan gets a bit of nappy rash. He loves it , it smells great but it’s pretty useless so you won’t need loads of it.

6. Baby oil

Unless you intend to do baby massage every single day or your baby get cradle cap it’s also another useless product. I’ve got the smallest bottle of it and use it after baths and for baby massage and I’ve not even got through half a bottle yet 4 months in. So it’s another thing that isn’t really necessary.

7. Bottle warmer

Breast or formula they’re bloody pointless, they take much longer to heat a bottle then the old fashioned way of sticking it in some hot water. Save your money.

8. Wipe and nappy warmer

Haven’t personally got either but recently seen its overhyped on the internet at the moment like , why? What’s the point? Your child is only going to mess them up and wipes aren’t too cold anyway. Seems pointless

9. Designer clothes

Expensive and they’ll either wear them once or stain them with shit.

10.Brand new clothes and baby items

Pre loved is far more cheaper and most baby products and clothes are like brand new because of the reasons above. They don’t last long in anything. If you want designer clothes pre loved is worth it, but honestly your kid doesn’t give the slightest care in the world on what they’re wearing or how you bought it. Save your dollar. ££

So what do you think ? Do you agree or disagree with some of these? What products did you find unnecessary 🙂

– Sadie


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