Daily blog |Moody Mondays

Started the day off in a massive grump , because plans had changed 2-3 times and me and change don’t mix too well.

So by 3pm we decided to go into town to spend some family time together. We spent farrr to long in Poundland , went in for one thing for Jonnys bike ended up coming out with 10+ items. Pretty standard Poundland trip.

Next we went into Sports Direct and spotted a cute little England kit for Logan. Jonny had to buy it. Cute photo below 👇🏼👇🏼

We then decided to go for a meal at one of our usual spots but ended up getting distracted by cheap drinks and gambling. My inner granny came out and we smashed playing bingo for an hour and half , with a hot chocolate may I add. Between us me and Jonny won £20 but that soon went.

We did end up going for a meal and decided to try somewhere different. I went for a burger *shock* and Jonny ordered a meat feast pizza and we had a garlic bread to share.

This was also Logan’s first time sitting in a high chair with us whilst we ate. When Jonny’s meat feast arrived Logan’s eyes lit up and he started to bang his hands on the table and grabbing out for it, finding himself funny little monkey. See video below

Are mains arrived which were absolutely beautiful, Jonny being Jonny was unable to open the ketchup and had this clever idea to stab it with a fork to get it open … making it go all over him. Honestly I can’t take him anywhere.

Being the fatties we are we ordered dessert and a milkshake that had Daim Bar , Rolo and Munchies mixed in it. Not even joking but it’s one of the best milkshakes I’ve had in my life… so far. Good choice Jonny you did good.

Eventually after a long day in town we came home and got ourselves and Logan ready for bed and set to watch Love Island.

Logan appreciating Love Island , think his favourite is Hayley.

Yep I’m one of those that will happily sit watching people from not your everyday kind of jobs enter a villa , thinking they’re better then everyone else , getting shagged on tv and leaving their jobs to rep for Misspap and some fitness pill that doesn’t work. I loveee it.

So on the subject of Love Island … why isn’t Alex liked he’s one of the best looking in there and a doctor… and 100% my type on paper.

Eyal seems like a nice guy but I can’t help but think that he looks like Mr. Tumnus from bloody Narnia. Not a fan of his name either.

I think Adam is going to go for Dani but is that too obvious ? He could be a dark horse and go for Kendall, can’t believe we have to wait till we find out , fuming.

Anyway as you might gather my next few blogs are probably going to consist of what’s happening on Love Island.

Any Love Island watchers who do we think Adams going to steal off with? And who’s your current fave?



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