Myths of Motherhood

For some of us being a mother isn’t what we expected , people’s opinions, social media posts everything you see on motherhood can sometimes make you question;

‘Am I a bad mother?’

Expectation vs reality really can make you question yourself as a mother so here’s some myths to motherhood.

1.Only a good mother feels a bond instantly with her child

For some you don’t feel a bond until birth but even that moment may be delayed for whatever reason.

In fact it’s extremely common for women to not get that instant bond , it can take days or weeks and that’s okay it doesn’t make you any less of a mother.

2. Only a good mother gives birth completely naturally

Let’s be honest here not a lot of women can go through child birth without medical intervention of some sort. For those who do it natural that’s amazing that it went to plan for you but it’s extremely disheartening to hear when you wanted a natural birth and may have ended up with an emergency c-section.

It doesn’t matter how you give birth to make you a great mum.

3. A good mother always put the needs of her child before her own

Its totally okay to take some time out and have some ‘me time ‘ without feeling guilty for not putting your child first occasionally.

Having a baby either single parent or not is a busy lifestyle and yep it can be hard sometimes , taking time out to care for your own needs is important so you have the energy to care for others.

4. A good mother has a clean house

Unrealistic reality, looking after a baby is very time consuming especially a newborn the grew spurts make them feed every 30 minutes sometimes plus the nappy changes , you’re lucky to go pee or even eat never mind keeping the house spotless. One person simply can not do it all and not everyone has help on hand.

5.A good mum knows how to care for her baby

Parenting is difficult, motherhood is a new skill to be learned. You don’t know what’s your baby’s cry means straight away or what soothes them soon as they’re born.

Realistically we’re all just winging it.

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