Daily blog |Dreaded Injection Day

So by the title you might guess that Logan had his injections today , the last lot for a long time thank god!

We arrived at the doctors and Logan is extremely happy to be there bless him , he didn’t have a clue what were about to happen. We got called into the nurses room and Logan grabbed hold of his red book and starting chewing away on it then spotted the nurse and started to coo at her. I got him ready whilst the nurse went on and on how she loves his name and how she nearly called her son the same.

That was it first injection in the leg bottom lip came out then the second and he screamed poor boy! And the third just made him go extremely red. I couldn’t do anything but cuddle him , he found his thumb more or less straight away and self soothed himself and were back to his usual happy self 2 minutes after.

I got him changed into some fresh clothes as he spat Calpol over him , I thought all babies and children love Calpol my son can’t stand the stuff.

All dressed and ready we went to a cafe for something to eat and drink whilst we waited for his Grandma and uncle Ben to come meet up with us.

I’ve now found a new panini I love the taste of which is apple , cheese and cinnamon.

Logan’s grandma and uncle arrived and we went for a walk on sea front. His grandma had bought him some gorgeous new clothes which I love , especially his new coat! Uncle Ben made Logan giggle and smile loads (again not jealous at all 😟)

Weather turned awful so we decided to call it a day and go home.

When we got home , we decided to get creative and messy with some paint which I’ll show at a later date as I know Jonny reads these blogs **Dont you dare try and find what Logan’s made for you!!**

Crafts didn’t last for long as Logan began to get unsettled. Injections are tough when he’s teething at the same time , I don’t think it’ll be long till he has his first tooth as we can see it trying to pop through his gum! I’m excited but so nervous at the same time.

Apologies for late upload but as you can probably guess Logan’s just got settled down. We may have a long night ahead of us and we have a busy day tomorrow.



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