16 Things Id Tell My 16 Year Old Self

Sixteen. It’s a pretty important age in your teen years. You leave school, you become legal, it’s a pretty big deal. Now at 20 I wish I could go back and tell my 16 year old self a few things. I remember the year I turned 16 was a tough year but also an age filled with some great memories! Sooo here we go!

To 16 year old Sadie:

1.Don’t skive school.

Stop being a little shit and running away from things you simply can’t be arsed with. Skiving cost you your grades you could have done so much better, it didn’t make you cool or fit in. In fact you got in with the wrong crowd, some of the people you skive with will massively stab you in the back and get you arrested after an exam for something you didn’t do.

2. This is the year that will make you stronger.

You’ve been bullied since you were 7 years old, you should be used to this now take it on the chin for what people say. Them people that attacked you? Don’t just stand there. Hit them back, you’ve got the strength you’ll see that on Boxing Day when the bullying stops for you finally standing up for yourself.

3. Relationships do not matter.

You’re 16, boys are dicks. They want one thing from you and many girls at this age, they don’t know what loyalty is. This long distance relationship you’re in isn’t the love of your life. Keep him as a friend and stop yourself from this constant heart break. You’re making yourself look a mug!

4.The girls and boys who were horrible to you won’t be anymore.

Once you leave school you won’t see half of these people again, you’ll have a fresh start and a new circle of friends. Those that took the piss out of you in school for how you looked? Wait until you’re 18 they’ll act like your best friend on a night out.

5. Make the most out the friends you have.

The little group you’re apart of you’ll soon drift from them once you start college, even if you do make the effort to stay in contact. You may say hi in the street every now and then if you pass each other but that’s it. Make the best memories with these girls because they make school bearable and you’ll reminisce these times in years to come.

6. Consider a different career.

You’re not going to go into the forces ever because your health becomes bad. Make a better choice in career and focus doing everything you can to achieve it. Maybe take up photography because you find that as a new talent this year.

7. Don’t dye your hair dark.

Yes, Sadie you suited brown hair and it shocked many at prom, but please don’t go drastic and dye it red or black. It doesn’t suit you and it’s a nightmare to keep up with.

8. Sort your make up out.

You do not need that much eyeliner on, your eyes are nice without it. Also blending is a thing, you don’t need that much powder. Get on YouTube or don’t wear it at all.

9. Don’t be disheartened that your college course gets dropped.

You didn’t want to go to sixth form but trust me you’ll enjoy it. You make new friends and have some ace memories and as for media it’s really not that bad and you’ll end up respecting Jason. He see’s potential in you that no one else did. Thanks to him you’ll get great grades.

10. Wear your retainer!

Wear it every single day even if it hurts and gives you a lisp. Your teeth end up wonky again. You didn’t wait for braces for 5 years for them not to be straight again 3 years later.

11. Stop over editing and filtering your photos. You don’t need too, you’re not that ugly and it looks bloody ridiculous! I mean you’ve just had your teeth done. Show them off without the filters you look great!

12. Don’t be ashamed about being different. You’re a leader not a follower. You were brought up to be your own person not a sheep and you’ll soon realise that people lack originality.

13. Stop putting your life on Facebook.

If you’re having issues or having a really shit day don’t do indirects on Facebook about that person , it will cause way more issues which will end up in you getting suspended from college. Also on the subject of Facebook, stop putting quotes and song lyrics on your photo captions, no one gives a shit about them.

14. Stop dwelling on the past.

You’re not your 13 year old self anymore. Things that happened back then have passed, you got through it even if you feel like you didn’t. It’ll still bother you but trust me it makes you into a stronger and more understanding woman.

15. Failure isn’t the worst thing

Don’t be too disheartened that you failed most of your GCSE’s. Most of them, in fact all of them are a waste of time. You still get into college and you do far better with your grades there. You realise your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help either, you need more time and 1-1s to learn best.

16. You’ll always regret not taking a chance.

Stop overthinking stuff and say yes to pretty much everything. Otherwise you’ll regret not taking the opportunities.

After writing this I realised something with the photos. To say I had hardly any confidence I loved being in front of the camera, at 20 that’s changed I hate photos now!



8 Replies to “16 Things Id Tell My 16 Year Old Self”

  1. My sixteenth year of life was one of my hardest, I wouldn’t relive it for anything (although now as a mom with two kids of my own I sometimes regret not appreciating some of the freedoms that came with it). This is a great post and it certainly had me reflecting on the struggles I faced and what I myself would do differently given the chance.

    I can definitely relate to a lot of these, my first heartbreak occurred that year and I was so convinced he was the love of my life at the time, if I could go back I would definitely let myself know that I didn’t know what love (or even a real relationship) was! Some of my photos from then.. CRINGEWORTHY, someone should have taken away my ability to edit photos. I’m lucky enough that my best friend then is still my best friend today, years later, and all the memories we made cemented a bond that will last a lifetime.

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