Daily Blog | The joys of teething

We had a busy day ahead today as it was Logan’s 4 month check up with the family nurse! We got down nice and early into town so we went for a coffee. Logan as always gets lots of attention whilst I appreciated the design of the hotel and restaurant inside. As far as I know this place had been featured on channel 4’s ‘Steph and Dom’s One Star to Five Star’

As it was a nice day we had our drinks outside to enjoy the nice weather. About five minutes later the town’s local weirdo approached and asked a man near us for some money and cigs … which is quite funny because this bloke always has a scratch card in his hands. The owner had kindly told him to leave and we thought we’d make tracks to set off to our appointment.

On the way to the appointment we passed a park so because we had half an hour to kill we took Logan for his first experience on the parks equipment. Which he loved!

He’s far too small for everything on this particular park but it didn’t stop us we held him whilst pushing him gently in the swing whilst he smiled and screamed away to himself. Until he decided that the handles of the swing looked good to chew on we decided to try him on something else. * The joys of teething*

I have no idea what this particular thing is but he loved laying down and being spun around in it.

Time went by rather quickly at the park so we rushed on to to his appointment. We got there nicely in time just before his nurse arrived and off we went into a private room full of toys to keep Logan occupied whilst we had a meeting about how he’s getting on. He also got weighed and his height done which will be included in his monthly update on Saturday.

All went well with development checks he received full marks and is advanced on milestones. He loved showing off on the play mat, she asked how he’s doing with grabbing toys etc. and as if he understood every word she was saying he’d do it straight away with a huge smile on his face. We spoke about getting him into nurseries other forms of childcare and when I’m ready to go back to work.

Logan’s teeth started to hurt during the meeting so it was cut short as he got rather unsettled. In fact this is the worst he’s been with his teeth so far poor thing. After settling down I layed him in my arms and he fell straight to sleep.

We got a tour round the centre and told about groups they run for babies, even had the chance to look in the sensory room but with Logan being asleep he couldn’t appreciate the room like mummy did.

After being informed on groups they run I booked me and Logan in for baby massage and decided we’re going to go to baby play sessions every week which we’re excited about. It’ll help us both me for my confidence and Logan’s social skills, especially now he’s taking interest in other babies.

Logan stayed asleep until we got home and shortly after getting settled we had a visitor. Logan was loving life in his Bumbo, showing off and trying his hardest to clap Coordination isn’t quite there yet bless.

After a while he got fed up so had cuddles with nanna whilst playing with his favourite teether. He did the loudest poo yet! It was that loud it made him jump making him wack his toy in his face giving him a cut under his eye.

Can I just mention that baby poo is weird? On few occasions now I’m amazed by the colour it can be. Every time he struggles with his teeth it’s green, may be TMI but this is motherhood and I never thought I’d be amazed over baby shit.

Ending the day by watching England game whilst having plenty of cuddles with an unsettled Logan, I wish these teeth would hurry up and just fully cut through now cause I hate seeing my poor baby in pain.



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