Daily blog | Fussy Friday

Woke up to Logan in another funny position this morning I had to move him multiple times last night.

At 7am I brought him into bed with me for a cuddle I were still tired so fell back to sleep ,but not for long as I woke up to Logan kicking and doing high pitch screams and giggles because he had headphones on. Daddy was making him listen to the Beatles.

We had a day full of Deliveries today so didn’t go out anywhere incase we missed them again.

The thing that annoys me about delivery drivers is they never give you two seconds to get to door so had to tactfully get to door in time with Logan still latched on my boob.

Logan’s Birth certificate also arrived today along with the deliveries after 3 months of waiting! We can get things like a savings account set up for him and sort his passport so we can book a holiday this year !

Logan enjoyed his jumperoo by irritating mummy on the piano bit , I guess it’s only karma for me doing the same for years. He didn’t last long in it as he’s been rather fussy for the rest of the day.

It’s been a day full of cuddles and feeds. Now we’re just sat watching Coronation Street , I love how Phil and Holly are in tonight’s episode!



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