Logan’s 4 Month Update

Logan’s officially 4 months old! And boy he’s getting big. He’s just had his 4 month development review this week so all his details are fresh in the mind.

So here we go.


So I’m pretty shocked that Logan can fit into some 6month sized clothes! But he’s mostly in 3-6m. He now weighs 14lb and is 63.5cm long.


Logan’s routine hasn’t changed one bit. Apart from days daddy comes and wakes him up and makes Logan thinks it’s play time at 2am in the morning!


Feeding is going so well, I’m in the small minority of people who make it to 4 months EBF. I’m so proud. Logan feeds around 6-8 times a day , he’s also stopped falling asleep on the boob which is good.


Logan is just getting cheekier by the day and he is very aware of the female species. Every time he sees a girl he’ll smile , stare and wink. (HA doesn’t take after his dad after all , Jonny can’t wink) I’m going to have to keep an eye on him when his older!



Logan has taken an interest in food , not eating it because he’s too young for weaning but he enjoys looking and grabbing out for it. He’s also starting to do the same with his daddy’s beer little bugger.

He loves his paddling pool.

Grabbing everything!

Sound of his own voice , I’m going to have a very talkative child!


Waiting , he seems to have no patience. If Logan’s hungry he wants boob soon as and if I don’t present it fast enough he screams.

Charlie, yep the dog isn’t in his good books , she ate his ball right in front of Logan so he isn’t impressed with her at the moment.


At his review he scored full marks on development checks and is hitting milestones he should be doing at around 6 months old! So he’s pretty advanced the little genius.

He’s laughing ! Finally it’s not every single day but he’s able to laugh and it’s so cute!

He is sitting up more, not by himself just yet. He was able to sit on his last review but he’s able to do it for longer now.

Batting toys and putting toys in his mouth.

Sucks his thumb! He’s finally found it without having to grab his fingers to guide him self.

Army crawling ! He’s got the motion of his back legs right for crawling but he needs to coordinate his arms. It’s cute to see him shuffle along the floor to grab his toys within short distance.

He can roll back to front now.

Teething , I know I’ve mentioned this on past posts but we’re currently at the worst bit ! He’s unsettled throughout the day , he’s dribbling and chewing on everything. He’s got cute little red cheeks and we can see the tooth under the gum!! Don’t think it’ll be long until it’s cut through now.

‘Talking’ no he hasn’t said his first word but he’s babbling more , he replies back when you talk to him and try’s to mimic sounds.

And I think that’s everything covered for his 4 month review.



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