Vaccines Causes Autism

Vaccines, the popular parenting debate that causes the internet to have a melt down.

If you’re for vaccines you’re a bad parent for putting toxic substances in your child.

If you don’t vaccinate you’re i selfish and causing harm to your child and those around you.

Personally I’ve chosen to vaccinate Logan, my reasoning being that I’d rather him go through a few seconds of pain and a bit of a fever after then get the horrible deadly diseases that the vaccines protect him against. They’ve done me and many people no harm.

However, I totally get why some parents choose to not vaccinate. Reasons like certain health issues and allergies. So parents who choose to vaccinate you’re helping these children who unfortunately can’t.

I do believe that vaccines are vital to public health, heard immunity exists I don’t care what conspiracy theorists say, it doesn’t. The government may be extremely fucked up but I believe vaccines are there for good reason, not to poison us. What I can’t stand seeing in debates with anti-vax parents is ‘VACCINES CAUSES AUTISM’

No no no… it really doesn’t. If you honestly believe this please go educate yourself on what autism is. It’s not a disease you catch, it’s a disability you’re born with it’s in your genes not in your vaccines. If your reasoning to this stupid conspiracy is ‘there’s more diagnosis theses days it must be the vaccines’ Erm no, there’s more research and support therefore the reason to why more people have it.

But here’s my next point … would you rather have a child with autism or a child with measles on their death bed?

Think I know which one I’d pick.

Recently Kat Von D has just been given hate for choosing not to vaccinate her baby on the way. Her reasonings aren’t autism related but more the fact that she’s vegan and doesn’t do medicine. That is okay. Do you know why?


If you’re on the fence about choosing to vaccinate, do your research.

Choosing either way doesn’t make you a bad parent. Judgemental parenting needs to stop.


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