Daily Blog | Weekend Catch up

So I’ve missed two blog days , sorry!

So because I haven’t done much today il do a quick little update on how we spent our weekend together.


A day where every single plan went tits up , Saturday was a disaster to be honest. We woke up late but in a good mood , originally Jonny was meant to be going out with the lads but I got asked to go out on my first night out so he said he’d look after Logan.

One person dropped out then we got told we had no place to stay and it just got worst by the hour with plans, so made the day pretty damn stressful. If you haven’t gathered by my blogs I hate change! I did pretty well to keep calm up until I had enough which funny enough my phone died. Good job really.

With most the day wasted we decided to spend some family time in spoons for a quick drink and spent the rest of it in the arcade with Logan. We ended up talking to another woman who had a 3 week old baby with her , it was lovely to get to know someone else with a baby and also someone else who’s breastfeeding !

Both me and Jonny got broody though not going to lie we need another baby aha! Logan was wearing his England kit , making the most out of it cause we all know England won’t last two minutes in the World Cup.

We had a few drinks together whilst chatting and Logan tried to steal daddy’s beer the little bugger!

We came home and watched love island highlights and Jonny went out to enjoy his only Saturday off work at the pub.


Me and Logan decided to have a lazy day after a busy week together we stayed in and did lots of playing !

We also got a few cute snaps for his four month update , which went down rather well. It’s amazing how much he’s changed since the last update and well birth to be honest. I didn’t think he could get anymore handsome but he is each coming month.

He was properly sick on me for the first time , it got all over him , in his clothes in his hair , my hair and clothes somehow on my bum. He didn’t seem ill in the slightest but after throwing up he just looked at me dead confused then did the cheekiest smile whilst laughing. Got him and myself straight in the bath which he loved.

At around 8 Logan was getting tired but started to fight his sleep so we went on a nice evening walk which got him nicely settled to sleep and ready for bed.


Today has been boring and extremely repetitive, had to wake up early to let some guy in to fix our shower and after he left I got me and Logan sorted for the day.

Logan must be having another grow spurt because he’s just fed every hour today and mostly slept. I’ve finally caught up with most the washing and organised his baby changing unit and dresser draws downstairs to be more organised. I’m pretty motivated to get everything in the house organised so we can find stuff easily.

I’ve also had a huge clear out on clothes that I’ve given to charity. Not a fun filled day but it’s been a productive one.

Now me and Logan are sat waiting for Love Island to start.

On subject of Love Island I’m not a huge fan of Hayley at the moment. But last nights episode had me questioning the girls knowledge, how on earth does a woman that age not know what Brexit is? It’s all over the news , social media everywhere and she’s never heard of it, thinks it’s something to do with trees like are you okay Hun? Starting to think with reality shows the thicker you are the more famous you become 🤔

If you’re a Love Island fan , who’s you favourite and who do you currently dislike?

– Sadie


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