Reasons why mums post hundreds of baby photos

I used to be that person on social media that would get irritated easily by baby spam. My way of thinking back to pre-pregnancy was like ‘yes your baby is cute but any need for the update every 2 seconds?

I never understood it , to why some parents , especially first time mums would take 100 different photos from different angels within the same minute and then post it straight onto social media.

Now , I’m that mum, well not quite to the extreme of 100s of photos at different angles. I’m that irritating person on social media who posts baby pictures on Instagram everyday sometimes not just the one but multiple and as for Facebook I’m constantly updating Logan’s folder and far too many go into it.

Before Logan were born I came up with a strict rule that no photos were to be shared of him because of social medias T&C’s and in all honestly … too many bloody weirdos out there. However the moment he were born , I were so besotted, so proud , I needed to tell the world and I wanted to show him off.

Now I understand why mums , well parents and grandparents share so many baby photos on social media.

You’ll be biased , your baby is the cutest and everyone needs to see them. You’ll update constantly on what they wearing too what new things they’ve learnt etc.

Oversharing isn’t a bad thing, in fact the main reason I do it is so family who can’t always see him, can see how he’s growing up from pictures and videos and I think a lot of people do this.

Another reason for me personally is because iPhone’s…. they just haven’t got enough space for all these memories so social media is like a back up.

I guess there’s other deeper reasons to why some of us parents like to baby spam and that’s simply because we don’t feel too great about ourselves, motherhood is a huge change to deal with. Hardly any time to put make up on anymore, not skinny no more , skins gone back to teenage years the list could go on. Sharing our children is a bit like a mask for us to act like we’ve got a perfect life. When reality is it’s hard to accept the change we’ve been through and want to refuse to take photos or go outside so you’re stuck in (or you’re stuck in by having no social life) making posts about your little angel.

So next time you see a mum or new parents overshare their ‘mini me’ just think of the reasons they’re doing it or simply just block them.

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