Daily Blog | Eat Sleep Play Repeat

Today me and Logan met up with Stacey now she’s finished uni for the summer. We decided to go up to Jonny’s work for something to do.

First we went and watched the seaside squad show which featured Anxious the elephant! Logan couldn’t keep his eyes off her. I think me and Stacey enjoyed it a little bit more as we were both reliving our childhood(as you can probably tell from the photo)

Next on was Adventure tots but Logan was too young to get involved with the older kids to get a prize. He still enjoyed doing the dances in a fashion though.

After all the dancing and excitement we got food, specially cooked by Jonny. We ordered a mozzarella pizza bread and it was generally the best pizza I’ve had.

We had a few games in the arcade whilst waiting for Jonny to finish work. We also took Logan to soft play which tired him out before heading home.


Today was family time , so we decided to take Logan to his first baby group. He made a new little friend and caught the attention of two little girls!

End of the session they had drums out for the sing a long , which Logan loved.

We then did all the boring bits we needed to do with our day , Logan clearly enjoyed it so much he’s been sick god knows how many times today poor lad. He’s also struggling with his teeth again , I honestly just want this tooth to come through already!

We bumped into an old friend I haven’t seen in over a year with her little girl , had a quick catch up and headed home to watch Love Island.

Sticking on the subject of Love Island can Eyal leave already !! Can’t stand him.

– sadie


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