Baby names I love but won’t be using


Kalani – meaning; The royal one.

I heard this name from dance moms and I just fell in love with it, it’s a lovely name but unfortunately everyone else hates it so I’ll never use this name.

Harper – meaning; Pleasant and brave.

A name I fell in love with from a film which I can’t quite remember the name of, it’s stuck with me ever since but again Jonny hates the name so it’ll never be used.

Lexie – meaning; Defender of Mankind.

I used to call my favourite teddy Lexie but I can’t use this name as my brother beat me to it! Least my niece has got an ace name though 💁🏼

Emilia – meaning; Rival.

Inspired by the Sacconejolys, it’s far too common now and over used and again Jonny isn’t a fan of the name. He’s awkward.

Ebony – meaning; Black.

Pretty name but Jonny won’t name his daughter after a porn category. 🙄

Elsie – meaning; god of plenty.

Love the name but know far too many people with little girls called that.

Eliza – meaning; Pledged to god.

The exact same reason as Elsie.

Charlie– meaning; Free man.

Love this name for a boy or girl but I’m not naming a baby after my dog.


Jacob – meaning ; Holder of the heel.

This was an option during my pregnancy for a boy, however Logan didn’t suit being Jacob and I’ve decided the name is far too common as I’ve met a few Jacobs Logan’s age.

Reagan – meaning; Little king.

Before having my 4D scan I fell in love with the name Reagan but it didn’t suit Logan’s little face, I still love the name but not enough to use it for future kids.

George – meaning; Farmer.

Love love love this name but it’s overused. I’d probably use it as a middle name though!

Rupert – meaning; Bright frame.

I think it’s an adorable name Jonny however hates it.

Reggie – meaning ; Ruler.

Loved this name until Jonny mentioned the name Ronnie, which is his favourite name. I’m not having my kids named after the Cray twins.

Ezra – meaning; Helper.

I loved this name long before I was pregnant, in fact I was certain I was going to use this name no matter what. However it’s become over common because of PLT, plus Jonny isn’t a fan of the name so we’ll never use it.

Oakley– meaning; From the oak tree.

I think it’s different and a lovely name, Jonny said he’s not naming a kid after a pair of sunglasses.

Levi – meaning; attached.

I’d love to call my next baby if it’s a boy Levi I think it fits nicely with Logan but can you guess who dislikes it? Yep he hates it because he’s not naming a baby after a pair of jeans. I don’t think Jonny likes any name that happens to be a brand.

Enzo – meaning; ruler of the estate.

I love Spanish names, Jonny not so much.

Arlo – meaning; fortified hill.

I think this is one of the cutest names since I heard it from ‘the good dinosaur’ but it’s over popular.

I’ve realised how fussy Jonny is with names and boys are just so much more harder to name then girls. We’re both set and agreed on a name for the next baby luckily.

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