Daily Blog | A day of Firsts

Woke up to Logan with his feet chilling out of his sleep suit , god knows how he escaped out of it.

He started the day of being a bit cranky and wanted to constantly feed. He had a quick nap and to my surprise he woke up and sat up himself. I did not expect this to happen so soon!!

He became hungry again so me and my mum decided to try him with a rusk for the first time. Let’s just say he loved it far too much!

It started off so well , no mess then he decided he wanted to try be independent and feed himself by stealing the spoon off me and flinging rusk everywhere. Little monkey.

He left the tiniest bit, so he did really well.

He then had his first sink bath and probably his only one because he’s far too big for our sink. He enjoyed chilling and splashing around making more mess for mummy.

We then watched the first match of the World Cup and then got ourselves ready and headed up to daddy’s work to meet him.

Whilst there he hits lots of cuddles and turned into a mini chef.

After daddy finished playing a few games of pool we took Logan to the soft play part of the play area which made him tired.

We then had a burger and chips and a few drinks whilst watching Emmerdale and then headed back home in time for Love Island.

We saw this pretty view on the way home.

sadie x

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