Pushy Parenting

Now I maybe a complete hypocrite because I hate judgemental parenting but after watching channel 5’s show ‘British Pushiest Parents’ it hit a nerve. It really annoyed me.

Now in some ways I agree with pushy parenting to an extent. If you got your child into a sport or involved with music I think it’s okay to be a bit pushy to get their best performance out of them all the time. For me personally it did me good.

Now I don’t agree with parents pushing their child into something they clearly don’t want to do, that is just wanting your child to live life exactly how you want not what they want.

I don’t agree with being over pushy either, I think it does more damage then good. I think this is a huge cause of Anxiety and depression in younger people.

On the show one particular parent extremely annoyed me, I mean they all made me grit my teeth but this one mum in particular let her kids abuse her. She’d shower them with gifts everyday and if they didn’t get something they like or want etc they hit and smack her. It’s just awful to be honest, I don’t get what it’s teaching them. If you misbehave you’ll get gifts, which is going to make them think it’s okay to do in the future to others. It was also quite sad to see that they didn’t know what their children actually liked as well as the kids been ungrateful for what they received.

I not sure why this woman was featured as she didn’t seem pushy but in fact the complete opposite. Her kids were just lazy and abusive and clearly no form of discipline is used. I think she needs nanny 911 to her her. Can anyone remember that program?

Pushy parenting are you for or against it?

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