Logan’s Bucket List | 100 things to do before you’re 5

I’m a huge fan of lists and I love having a bucket list so I couldn’t help but create Logan one. Here’s 109 things to do before you’re 5!;

1. Go to the beach

2. Go on a treasure hunt

3. Throw leaves in the air

4. Make a scrapbook

5. Stay up late to look at the stars

6. Have a picnic

7. Bash a piñata

8. Go to a themed party

9. Play pass the parcel

10. Explore the garden for insects

11. Create your own story

12. Ride on a steam train

13. Coin rubbing

14. Create art in the pavement with chalk

15. Toast marshmallows

16. Go rock pooling

17. Bake cakes and lick the bowl

18. Make perfume with flowers

19. Write your name with a sparkler

20. Bottle feed baby animals at a farm

21. Collect conkers

22. Grow a sunflower

23. Write a message in a bottle

24. Post a postcard

25. Jump in a puddle

26. Make a mud pie

27. Roll down a hill

28. Slide down a water slide

29. Have a water fight

30. Body slide on a muddy field

31. Make puppets

32.Make your own play

33. Win a competition

34. Have a pen pal

35. Eat ice cream with unlimited toppings

36. Go to the zoo

37. Learn to skip

38. Fly a kite

39. Make a musical instrument

40. Go on a boat trip

41. Paddle in the sea

42. Climb a tree

43. Build a snowman

44. Explore a cave

45. Visit the top of the lighthouse

46. Make a den

47. Get lost in a maze

48. Make daisy chains

49. Run around in the rain

50. Jump on your bed

51. Enter a talent show

52. Sing or dance in front of someone

53. Dance with mum or dad

54. Pretend to be a superhero – wear a cape !

55. Watch a pantomime

56. Meet your favourite character

57. Learn to ride a bike

58. Go ice skating

59. Feed ducks

60. Ride a horse or donkey

61. Go camping

62. Go blackberry picking

63. Catch rain or snowflake on your tongue

64. Try catch your shadow

65. Watch Lion King

66. Play hopscotch

65. Swing in a hammock

66. Wheelbarrow race

67. Run a mile

68. Make a bow and arrow

69. Watch the sunset

70. Make a snow angel

71. Have a snowball fight

72. Bounce a bouncy ball as hard as you can

73. Help wash a car

74. Visit a museum

75. Play a ball against a wall game

76. Swing on a rope swing

77. Go sledging

78. Hold a snake

79. Adopt an animal from the zoo

80. Visit a farm

81. Ride on a fairground ride

82. Go to the yearly fair

83. Do one kind act for others

84. Pick your own strawberries

85. Give some money to charity

86. Learn how to count in a different Language

87. Dress up as your favourite character

88. Sit upstairs on an open top bus

89. Visit an aquarium

90. Feed a penguin

91. Make a rocket

92. Make a car from cardboard

93. Build a sandcastle

94. Give yourself a beard with shaving foam or bubbles from the bath

95. Get a piggy bank

96. Tie your own shoe laces

97. Go to a theme park

98. Chase and blow bubbles

99. Blow a dandelion clock

100. Go to the cinema

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