Guest blog | Reality of a 1 year old

Having a one-year-old son who loves to play means having toys everywhere. Am I A bad mom for not having a perfectly clean home?! Absolutely not! It’s okay to have stuffies, toy cars and clothes on the floor, on the couch and every room in the house.

Why is that okay? It means that my son is playing and learning. Kids need to have a certain amount of freedom to adventure and experience. We do teach our son to put away his toys after he’s done playing, it’s a work in progress, LOL!

Spending time teaching and creating memories with my son is ultimately more important than washing the dishes or folding a load of laundry. Memories are made not when you’re constantly worried that there are things to tidy up, but when you take the time out of your day to crawl on the floor with your kids and play around with their toys and see life from their eyes.

I mean, I won’t be letting pots and pans get moldy on the counters, but if there’s a sink full, I’ll leave them for when I have time.

Having a happy baby is my number one priority, so if that means waiting to clean up then so be it. Seeing a smile on my son’s face and having him be healthy and happy is more important than an empty sink will ever be!

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