How Motherhood Changed Me

I am not the same person I was before I had Logan. Motherhood has completely changed me, not like that’s a bad thing. I honestly think it’s for the best.

1. Phone calls

This may sound so stupid to some people but I had really bad phone anxiety before I had Logan, I wouldn’t ever ring a taxi or the doctors, anyone. I’d even ignore phone calls from friends because I was too scared to talk over the phone. I’m not actually sure why I was ever like this. I’d always get someone else to phone places up for me to book appointments and what not. Until recently because I have to do everything for Logan I’ve just got on with it, the first few things I had to sort over the phone for him were daunting I’d write myself a little script so I wouldn’t freeze up and hang up. I no longer need to do that no more I just do it like a normal person. So this is a huge positive change for me.

2. Maturity

I still probably need a lot more growing up to do but since falling pregnant I matured up a lot. Before pregnancy I used to be so obsessed with social media, any banter going on and I’d read it , 80% of the time I’d comment thinking I was some banter queen if I had good come backs. When I announced my pregnancy a little argument began in the comments because of how rocky mine and Jonny’s relationship was at the time. Instead of replying with what I usually would maturity just clicked on and it seems to have stuck since. I no longer give anyone the time of day by commenting on indirect statuses if they’re about me because I’m 20 not 12 and it’s just more embarrassing when you’re a mother let’s be honest.

3. Not relying on make-up.

Recently I have mastered doing make up within 5-10 minutes, but I’m not always wearing it because I don’t see the point no more. It nice to put in when I feel the need to make an effort but having the confidence to leave the house make up free is a big achievement for me. It’s so much nicer too because my face doesn’t feel horrible, like it can’t breath.

4. Confidence.

Its not quite there but it’s slowly improving in all aspects, I’m definitely becoming more social both online and in real life.

5. Easily Entertained.

To be honest I’ve always been easily entertained but it’s even easier now. Just watching Logan play with something so simple like tinfoil is enough to keep me entertained. It honestly makes me think what I used to do before he was in my life.

6. No longer fussed about nights out.

Yes, they’re nice but honestly I’d rather sit in with fresh pjs have a pamper night with some films, alcohol and a take away. Or hot chocolate. Does that make me sound old? I’m honestly all for the granny lifestyle right now.

7. Money is no longer spent on me.

If I’ve got spare money I’d usually treat myself but now it all goes on Logan. Same with treats for me from Jonny, not long ago we went shopping together for him to treat me and every bit of money went towards Logan. Cute outfits are irresistible. You can never have too many baby clothes, right ?

8. More understanding.

Now that I’m a mum myself I can understand more on how my mum sacrificed stuff for me.

9. I speak in third person a lot more.

‘Mummy needs to do this, mummy is doing that …’ I notice and it slightly irritates me, like when does this stop? When they’re 18? Il totally forget what pronouns are right after a year I already struggle with them now.

10. I want to be with him every second.

I constantly worry about him if he’s out of sight, I could be taking a 5 minute shower whilst someone watches him and I’ll worry. I just want him to be around me all the time. I said I wouldn’t be like this but here we are I’m an over attached mum.

How has motherhood changed you?

sadie x

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