Daily Blog | Gutted

I knew today’s blog was going to be a late upload. As I began to write it I got a notification from Instagram and WordPress that someone has tried to access my account and change my password.

I’m obviously fuming at this point and Instagram shows a location asking if it’s you & I see it’s so close to home. It’s angered me more. It’s so childish. You can’t have nice things or enjoy doing what you do without someone trying to ruin it for you.

You haven’t won though. Nothing will stop me from writing this blog. This is something for me to look back on when Logan and probably my other kids are older. I enjoy writing , I enjoy helping people. This blog has given me so much more confidence and stuff to look forward too. I’ve been able to talk to other mums from all over the world , it’s lovely.

I had no intentions of this blog going anywhere. But here we are with loyal readers and I’m gaining more everyday. So no matter if you’ve been here from the start or only just discovered me , hi and thank you for sticking around and supporting me on what I love to do.

So anyway sorry for the negative start , I really didn’t want to be a negative Nancy but every once in a while I think this blog will come in as a good place to rant. It’s like having a diary.

Today nothing much has really happened, Logan has slept most of the day bless him.

It’s been nice weather , well in a fashion the weather doesn’t quite no what to do with it’s self , typical Britain. For the first time in a while I actually bothered to sit out and try catch some sun and guess what? I’m still as white as a ghost.

After sitting around in the garden for a while , me , my mum , her partner and Logan all went for a Sunday dinner. It was so nice.

After we went on a little walk and came home to watch football.

Whilst watching football Logan enjoyed his rusks. He finished it all but hinted he wanted more , the whole time he wanted to grab the spoon or the bowl so because he demolished it all I gave in and said fine have the bowl.

And what did he do like the typical mischievous baby? Yep that’s right straight on his head. Luckily minimal amount of mess , not like Logan cared he was far to amused about what he’d just done.

Yes , he’s wearing a pink bib. Real boys wear pink … right?

After cleaning him up and letting him play he became tired so bed time for Logan and TV for me whilst I write in the Father’s Day card.

Yep , I admit I’ve left it last minute, bad mummy bad girlfriend. But here’s a look at what Jonny got for his first Father’s Day and what I , sorry Logan. Wrote in the card.

I hope you all had a lovely Father’s Day ! Even to the mums out there that do both roles✌🏽

Sadie x

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