Happy Fathers Day

Father’s Day isn’t just a day for dads to get spoiled , it’s to honour all men who bothered to step up to the job to be a great role model and a father figure.

In the world we live in today there is so many ‘dead beats’ , many sons and daughters grow up without a father figure and not knowing who he is.

So to all the dads that bothered to take on the role , Happy Father’s Day to you!

And Happy 1st Father’s Day to Jonny , when you could of walked out plenty of times after finding out I were pregnant you chose to stay.

At times when you annoy the life out of me because you hardly do a nappy change or times when you have selective hearing when Logan wakes up in the morning (actually you have selective hearing all the time).There is some things you do that sometimes go unnoticed.

I love the bond between you both even if you don’t get to see him much , all the cuddles you give him whilst singing to him , reading him stories and just seeing how proud you are to show him off just melts my heart.

I can’t wait to see your bond only get stronger as he gets older , you helping him to take his first steps , teaching him to kick a ball and making twice the mess when cooking with each other.

You’re a pretty fab dad to Logan. Thank you for everything you do and just know at times when I get pretty damn pissed at you , I do actually appreciate you 90% of the time.

– Sadie x

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